Top 10 Other Words for Delicious (Explained w Examples)

Are you wondering what other words you can use to say that something is delicious? Look no further, we have the answers you need. Keep reading and you will find multiple examples and learn how to use them.


Meaning: Food that looks so good it opens up your appetite.

Example Sentence: Wow, that pizza looks so appetizing.


Meaning: Extremely delicious.

Example Sentence: Mia made a delectable cheesecake!


Meaning: Pleasant to eat.

Example Sentence: Wow, that is a delightful cake!


Meaning: Tasty food you eat with enjoyment.

Example Sentence: We had burgers last night for dinner, they were enjoyable.


Meaning: Tempting and alluring food.

Example Sentence: Marissa made fried chicken, it looks so enticing.


Meaning: Expertly made, food that tastes especially delicious.

Example Sentence: The pulled pork burger we had last night was exquisite.


Meaning: Really tasty and satisfying.

Example Sentence: My mom made me a sandwich that tasted real pleasant.


Meaning: Tasty and sugary.

Example Sentence: Johnny’s birthday cake tasted really sweet.


Meaning: Very delicious.

Example Sentence: We ate some tasty snacks for our meal.


Meaning: Really delicious food.

Example Sentence: These pancakes taste yummy.

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