Top 10 Other Words for Eccentric (Explained w Examples)

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Are you wondering what other words you can use to describe something as eccentric? Look no further, we have the answers you need. Keep reading and you will find multiple examples and learn how to use them.


Meaning: Something weird, strange, and otherworldly.

Example Sentence: Randy looks so bizarre with his new beard, it’s awful.


Meaning: Weird and scary.

Example Sentence: Some creepy person keeps bothering me at my favorite restaurant.


Meaning: Strange, unusual.

Example Sentence: Nina was overcome by a curious sensation.


Meaning: Strange, weird, and scary.

Example Sentence: Everyone noticed the eerie lights shining in the night sky.


Meaning: Strange, odd, eccentric.

Example Sentence: I just talked about you and you showed up, it’s such a freaky coincidence.


Meaning: Strange, causing horror.

Example Sentence: When she was little she witnessed the ghastly murder of her parents.


Meaning: Scary, chilling.

Example Sentence: The atmosphere in Jessa’s house is haunting.


Meaning: Weird, strange.

Example Sentence: You are such a peculiar person, I am interested in you.


Meaning: Weird, different from others.

Example Sentence: Jackie’s dad is a bit strange, he collects true crime books


Meaning: Stranged, uncommon.

Example Sentence: A lot of weird stuff has been happening in the town since you’ve been gone.

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