Top 10 Other Words for Pink (Explained w Examples)

So, do you want to know what other words you can to describe something as pink? Look no further, we have the answers you need. Keep reading and you will find multiple examples and learn how to use them.


Meaning: A pink color on the face, usually appears when someone is embarrassed.

Example Sentence: The blush on his face revealed he was hiding something.


Meaning: the color of corals, pink.

Example Sentence: her coral-colored dress was swaying in the wind!


Meaning: The color of the face when it becomes red in embarrassment.

Example Sentence: Her face flushed and became pink in a matter of seconds!


Meaning: A color resembling pink.

Example Sentence: her car was fuchsia-colored and brand new.


Meaning: the color of a rose, pink.

Example Sentence: She wore rose-colored sunglasses that matched her hat perfectly.


Meaning: The color of the fish, a hue of pink.

Example Sentence: his salmon-colored sweater fit him perfectly.


Meaning: Rose-colored, pink.

Example Sentence: The walls in her apartment were roseate.


Meaning: A gorgeous flower, often used to refer to the color pink.

Example Sentence: her pink dress reminded me of the bloom of flowers.

Rose Color

Meaning: Pink.

Example Sentence: She wore pants that were a rose color, and looked a lot younger than she is.

Light Purple

Meaning: A color that resembles pink.

Example Sentence: Her light purple jean jacket drew so much attention.

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