Top 10 Other Words for Quick (Explained w Examples)

So, you want to know what other words you can use instead of the word quick? Look no further, we have the answers you need. Keep reading and you will find multiple examples and learn how to use them.


Meaning: Sudden, quick, unexpected.

Example Sentence: The abrupt way Marcus changed the subject really caught me off guard!


Meaning: Quick, fast, usually when moving.

Example Sentence: Angela is so agile, I think she should do sports.


Meaning: Active, quick, energetic.

Example Sentence: I ate too much, I think we should go for a brisk walk to get rid of these calories.


Meaning: Fast, full of energy and vitality.

Example Sentence: Waking up at 6 AM is too early, why is John so energetic?


Meaning: Quick, able to move at a high speed.

Example Sentence: Jenna bought a new car, but I think it is a bit too fast for her.


Meaning: Speedy, quick, done with speed.

Example Sentence: Don’t be too hasty while working on this project, you might make some errors.


Meaning: Done in a hurry.

Example Sentence: This drawing was a hurried attempt but I still think it looks decent.


Meaning: Quick and agile in movement.

Example Sentence: She was born to be a piano player, her fingers are so nimble!


Meaning: Extremely fast.

Example Sentence: I’m having trouble following Henry’s rapid movements on the court.


Meaning: Quick, fast.

Example Sentence: Just follow the doctor’s orders and it should be a swift recovery.

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