Top 10 Other Words for Scary (Explained w Examples)

Are you curious about what other words you can use to describe something as scary? Look no further, we have the answers you need. Keep reading and you will find multiple examples and learn how to use them.


Meaning: So scary you get the chills.

Example Sentence: Going through the forest by myself was a chilling experience.


Meaning: Weird and scary.

Example Sentence: My street is filled with creepy guys at night


Meaning: Strange, unusual, scary.

Example Sentence: The sound they were making was quite curious and made me afraid.


Meaning: Weird, crazy, different from others.

Example Sentence: They might seem eccentric and scary, but they are harmless.


Meaning: Strange, weird, and scary.

Example Sentence: Nina noticed the eerie lights shining in the night sky and she ran faster to her house.


Meaning: Strange, odd, eccentric.

Example Sentence: I heard the forest is full of freaky creatures at night.


Meaning: Strange, causing horror.

Example Sentence: The ghastly murder of her neighbors caused quite the shock.


Meaning: Scary, chilling.

Example Sentence: I don’t like being on that beach at night, it is so haunting.


Meaning: Scary, something or someone that frightens you.

Example Sentence: The way John looks at me is so intimidating.


Meaning: Scary, weird, uncommon.

Example Sentence: A lot of spooky stuff has been happening in the town since you’ve been gone.

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