Top 10 Other Words for Show (Explained w Examples)

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So, are you wondering what other words you can use instead of the verb show? Look no further, we have the answers you need. Keep reading and you will find multiple examples and learn how to use them.


Meaning: To express or show something publicly.

Example Sentence: I aired my grievances about the job with my boss.


Meaning: To show and exhibit something.

Example Sentence: Betty demonstrated her karate skills, it was awesome!


Meaning: To show something publicly.

Example Sentence: We displayed our art at a small museum.


Meaning: To showcase something to people.

Example Sentence: They exhibited the statue in the town square.


Meaning: To present something to someone.

Example Sentence: I am offering you a chance of a lifetime with this deal.


Meaning: To show something publicly.

Example Sentence: We present you with the latest movie from this acclaimed director.


Meaning: To create something with results you want to showcase.

Example Sentence: We produced this body of work with a lot of love, and now you get to see it.


Meaning: To make something that was previously unknown known and show it to others.

Example Sentence: I revealed my birthday plans to Kimmy, and she loved them


Meaning: To persuade someone about the quality of something you’re showing.

Example Sentence: Mike tried to sell me on the idea of buying his company.


Meaning: To present something publicly.

Example Sentence: We showcased our short film yesterday.

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