Top 10 Other Words for State (Explained w Examples)

Are you curious about what other words you can use instead of the verb state? Look no further, we have the answers you need. Keep reading and you will find multiple examples and learn how to use them.


Meaning: To state something publicly.

Example Sentence: the president affirmed the country’s plans in case of a war breaking out.


Meaning: To make an announcement.

Example Sentence: I have to announce that I’m pregnant!


Meaning: To state or assert something.

Example Sentence: Jimmy claimed he didn’t steal the jeans but I don’t believe him


Meaning: To verbally explain the meaning of something.

Example Sentence: Marcus conveyed his message easily.


Meaning: To say something important.

Example Sentence: Megan declared that we are not working until they raise our pay.


Meaning: To tell someone secret information.

Example Sentence: Gina disclosed that she’s getting a divorce.


Meaning: To briefly talk about something without much detail.

Example Sentence: Michael mentioned that he saw you at the bar last night.


Meaning: To talk about something you saw.

Example Sentence: I want to report the robbery.


Meaning: To talk.

Example Sentence: I spoke to Linda yesterday.


Meaning: To talk to someone about a subject.

Example Sentence: Miles told me that he wants to quit his job.

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