Top 10 Other Words for Wonderful (Explained w Examples)

Are you wondering what other words you can use instead of the word “wonderful”? Look no further, we have the answers you need. Keep reading and you will find multiple examples and learn how to use them.


Meaning: Something so good it is worth admiring.

Example Sentence: The way Johnny treats his parents is admirable.


Meaning: Something that amazes with how wonderful it is.

Example Sentence: The new Thor movie looks amazing!


Meaning: Very impressive.

Example Sentence: The way Sally sings is astonishing!


Meaning: Impressive, awe-inspiring.

Example Sentence: I think it’s awesome that we are going on that trip together.


Meaning: Exceptionally wonderful.

Example Sentence: James became a pilot at such a young age, he’s brilliant.


Meaning: Outstanding, really good.

Example Sentence: I saw your painting, it is excellent.


Meaning: Extraordinary.

Example Sentence: Wow Tina, you look fabulous.


Meaning: Extremely good.

Example Sentence: I heard your new song, it’s fantastic!


Meaning: So good it is impossible to believe.

Example Sentence: You managed to beat him in a boxing match? That’s incredible.


Meaning: Excellent, extremely beautiful.

Example Sentence: Marina was looking magnificent last night.

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