5 Poems About Drugs, Tobacco, and Alcohol: Powerful Verses on Substance Temptations

Written by Gabriel Cruz - Foodie, Animal Lover, Slang & Language Enthusiast

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Step into a world where words weave their magic, painting vivid portraits of life’s wild extremes. In this lyrical journey, we dive headfirst into the realm of addiction, love, and rebellion, captured within the lines of five extraordinary poems about drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. Prepare to be enthralled as the verses unfold, revealing the raw, unfiltered emotions that dance between shadows and light. Brace yourself for an exploration of the human spirit and the demons that lurk within, as we embark on this captivating odyssey through the realms of rhyme and reason. Welcome to a realm where words become both the prison bars and the golden key—an enchanting mosaic of a poem about drugs, tobacco, and alcohol.

 A Journey through Vice and Respite

In the shadows of the abyss, three demons dance and sway,
Drugs, tobacco, and alcohol, their allure too strong to stay.
Sirens of seduction, they beckon with an eerie grace,
Promising escape, solace, and a moment’s taste.

Pillars of smoke rise, a serpent’s breath upon the air,
Tobacco weaves its tendrils, a noose none can compare.
Its embers burn like fireflies, in the darkness they ignite,
A fleeting comfort, in the grasp of the eternal night.

Next appears a liquid vice, its amber hue beguiles,
Alcohol, the great deceiver, masked in warmth and smiles.
It whispers sweet nothings, a potion to forget,
Sorrows drowned in oceans deep, its powerful grip beset.

And last the third, a wicked beast, the drug that turns to strife,
Its myriad forms, a kaleidoscope, shifting through one’s life.
In their embrace, reality fades, replaced by twisted dreams,
A transient reprieve, as the world around them teems.

Together they conspire, a trinity of vice,
Their siren’s call, a symphony, a melody precise.
Swept into their current, a river dark and deep,
In its embrace, the weary find an empty, fleeting sleep.

Yet each respite comes with a cost, a toll none can deny,
A fleeting moment of relief, as the sands of time slip by.
Their grasp tightens like a vice, as shadows grow more near,
A bargain struck in haste, the price paid in pain and fear.

For in their wake, a storm does brew, a tempest fierce and wild,
Its winds howl with anguish, as it engulfs both man and child.
The demons laugh and taunt, their sinister dance divine,
And those who taste their poison, are forever bound to pine.

So heed this tale of caution, of the trifecta’s wicked allure,
Though they promise sweet escape, their hold is never pure.
In the heart of darkness, the wisest seek the light,
And within it, find the strength, to conquer demons’ might.

For in the end, the journey long, we’ll face the storm alone,
The tempest’s rage, a test of will, a challenge to atone.
The sirens’ song, their dance of death, a chapter in our tale,
But it is we who hold the pen, and choose our ship to sail.

So let the Intoxicating Trifecta’s power fade away,
Embrace the light, the love, the hope, and keep the dark at bay.
For in the end, the truth revealed, in each heart’s fervent plea,
The strength to conquer demons’ hold, resides in you and me.

Temptation, Deception, and Redemption

In a realm of shadows, where vices twist and twine,
Three beguiling adversaries, with whispers most malign.
Drugs, tobacco, and alcohol, a treacherous trio combined,
Their siren songs, enchanting notes, allurements we must mind.

From the depths, a smoky serpent, its fangs sunk in our souls,
Tobacco claims its victims, its grip tighter than a knoll.
A hazy cloud it casts, obscuring light and truth,
Its venom seeps, corrupting life, from elder down to youth.

An amber river flows, its current swift and strong,
Alcohol, that cunning thief, who leads our hearts to wrong.
A liquid lie, a fleeting warmth, we chase to no avail,
In its rapids, we’re adrift, our strength and courage frail.

The final fiend, a shapeshifter, its many faces veiled,
Drugs, those potent potions, our sanity assailed.
With every dose, we lose ourselves, in fantasies they weave,
A moment’s peace, a respite brief, in their embrace, we cleave.

Assembled, they form a symphony, a melody of woe,
Their siren songs, their wicked dance, a spectacle of show.
Caught in their spell, we yearn for more, their darkness we imbibe,
A fleeting solace, a hollow balm, in which we drown our cries.

But every vice extracts a toll, a debt we must repay,
The fleeting joys they proffer, for a steeper price we weigh.
In their shadow, we grow weaker, our light begins to fade,
These demons mock and jeer, a cruel, relentless charade.

And yet within the storm, a beacon shines afar,
A ray of hope, a chance to break the chains that hold us hard.
The demons’ grip may tighten, their laughter haunt our days,
But deep within our hearts, a spark of strength remains.

This tale of strife, of vice and pain, a caution we must heed,
The alluring touch of demons three, a path we dare not lead.
Turn instead to love and light, find solace in their glow,
The warmth of kin, the bond of friends, a balm for wounded souls.

For in the end, the choice is ours, to cast these demons out,
To face the storm, embrace the light, and banish fear and doubt.
The treacherous trio’s power, a fleeting, fading dream,
As we reclaim our lives, our hearts, and let our spirits gleam.

These four hundred verses sing, of temptation, lies, and strife,
A testament to battles fought, in this eternal life.
Yet through the darkness, the shadows long, a promise lingers still,
The power to overcome resides within our hearts and will.

 Revelry, Remorse, and Reawakening

In a realm of secrets and of sin, three specters hold their sway,
Drugs, tobacco, and alcohol, the sirens’ tempting play.
Their call, seductive and bewitching, entwines our hearts with ease,
A fleeting balm, a moment’s peace, our sorrows to appease.

Tobacco, that dark serpent, coils ’round us ever tight,
Its smoky tendrils constricting, obscuring all our light.
A fleeting spark, a glowing ember, in the inky night it gleams,
The serpent’s whisper, cold and cunning, weaves through our dreams.

A river of deceit runs deep, its current swift and bold,
Alcohol, that silken liar, its murky depths enfold.
A promise of solace, a fleeting warmth, our sorrows to consume,
But in its embrace, our spirit wanes, a shadowy, sunken tomb.

Drugs emerge, their visage veiled, a shape-shifting force of might,
A kaleidoscope of false reprieve, our sense of self to smite.
In their grip, reality fades, a dreamland we pursue,
A transient escape, a fragile peace, but never the same hue.

Together, these three specters weave, an ominous dance of doom,
Their siren songs, a symphony, of misery to consume.
They lure us to their dark embrace, with whispers soft and sweet,
In exchange for solace, we surrender, bound by their deceit.

But every pact comes at a cost, a price we must endure,
The pleasure fades, the shadows rise, their grip relentless, sure.
We sink beneath their weight, a sea of loss and pain,
As the demons’ laughter echoes, through our very veins.

Yet even in the darkest depths, a glimmer of hope remains,
A distant light, a chance to break, the specters’ cruel chains.
We hold within our hearts, a strength, a fierce and fiery will,
To face the storm, to rise above, our destinies fulfill.

This tale of anguish and remorse, a warning to the wise,
The alluring song of sirens three, a path to our demise.
Turn away from darkness, seek the warmth of love and light,
In the embrace of hope, we find our solace and our might.

For in the end, the choice is ours, to vanquish demons’ reign,
To rise above their wicked grasp, and break the chains of pain.
The specters’ power fades, as we find our inner truth,
Our strength, our light, our purpose found, in love’s eternal youth.

Four hundred stanzas tell this tale, of revelry and woe,
A testament to struggles faced, in this world below.
Through shadows, pain, and heartache, a lesson to be learned,
The power to triumph, to heal, within our souls, discerned.

Shadows of Vice

In smoky depths where shadows creep,
Lies a tale of vices woven deep.
Of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol’s might,
A symphony of choices, both wrong and right.

Amidst the haze, a dance begins,
Where souls embark on journeys within.
A trembling hand reaches for a pill,
Unveiling a world that time can’t kill.

Euphoria whispers, promises bliss,
But chains of addiction tightly twist.
Sublime illusions lure the mind astray,
As dreams dissolve in shadows’ sway.

A tobacco leaf, so neatly rolled,
Ignites the flame, a tale of old.
In tendrils of smoke, burdens dissolve,
Yet with each drag, destiny evolves.

Whiskey cascades in glasses clink,
Liquid courage masking thoughts that sink.
A toast to oblivion, liquid fire ablaze,
But the heart’s true longing it cannot erase.

Within these realms where vice resides,
A fragile soul amidst the tides.
Desires entangle, hearts left torn,
As substance paints a bleak morrow morn.

But amidst this darkness, there is light,
A flickering flame within the night.
For strength can rise, where weakness fell,
And hope can weave its magic spell.

Oh, seeker lost in temptations’ snare,
Heed the whispers of those who care.
For freedom lies beyond the haze,
A brighter path, unburdened days.

Choose wisdom over shadows’ guise,
Break free from chains that vice implies.
Discover strength, let healing begin,
Embrace the light and let your soul sing.

In unity, we’ll guide you through,
To a world where dreams can still come true.
Where love and laughter chase the gloom,
And shadows fade amidst hope’s bloom.

Let us embrace the beauty of life,
Unshackled from vice’s piercing strife.
For in our hands, the power lies,
To build a future, where vice’s darkness dies.

So, let us rise, united and strong,
Defying the lure of vice’s wrong.
Together we’ll paint a vibrant hue,
A world reborn, where dreams come true.

Whispers of Temptation

Within the realm of shadows deep,
A tale of vices lies, secrets to keep.
Drugs, tobacco, and alcohol’s embrace,
A seductive dance in the abyss of space.

The allure of escape, a tempting call,
Inhaling desires, as boundaries fall.
Numbness blankets the weary soul,
Yet seeds of addiction silently take hold.

In the haze of smoke, dreams ignite,
Whispering promises of infinite delight.
A fragile dance upon the edge,
Where ecstasy and destruction pledge.

Tobacco’s embrace, a smoldering fire,
A momentary solace, a transient desire.
Exhaling worries, inhaling strife,
As lungs surrender to the illusion of life.

And in the clink of glasses, a symphony,
A liquid melody that drowns reality.
Alcohol’s embrace, a fleeting release,
Masking sorrows, bidding pain to cease.

But beneath the surface of this dark abyss,
Lies a truth obscured, often dismissed.
For the path of vice is a treacherous road,
Where moments of pleasure wither and corrode.

Yet amidst the shadows, a flicker of light,
A beacon of hope, piercing the night.
Whispers of redemption, faint but clear,
Beckoning souls to face their fear.

Awaken, seekers, from the grip of vice,
Embrace the strength to make a choice,
To break the chains that bind your soul,
And reclaim your spirit, once again whole.

In unity, we shall stand as one,
Supporting each other until the battle is won.
Embracing the healing that time bestows,
Releasing the burdens that vice imposes.

For life’s true beauty lies in our embrace,
The laughter, the love, the joy we chase.
Let us chart a course to brighter days,
Where clarity reigns, and vice decays.

So let us rise, together and strong,
Defying the lure of temptation’s song.
In a world where dreams can still ignite,
We’ll conquer the darkness, shining bright.

For within our hearts, the power lies,
To break free from vice’s disguise.
Embrace the freedom, let your spirit ascend,
A life untainted, where new beginnings blend.

In this journey, we find our truth,
And rewrite the tale of our youth.
With courage as our guide, we strive,
To create a future, where vices do not thrive.

Whispers of temptation may linger near,
But with strength and love, we shall not fear.
Together we’ll rise, a harmonious symphony,
In pursuit of a life filled with true harmony.


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