Prince Albert Slang Meaning & Definition

Unless you’re into body modification, Prince Albert is probably something you don’t hear a lot. And if you ever do hear that phrase, you might be mistaken (but forgivable) for thinking it was a member of the royal family in some other country.

While there has historically been a prince of the same, Prince Albert likely doesn’t refer to him. We’ll explain the meaning of Prince Albert as a slang term so you can avoid any embarrassing mistakes.

What Does Prince Albert Mean in Slang?

Brace yourself for this one, because it’s likely to make the more squeamish people in the audience cringe. Prince Albert typically refers to a type of piercing that is applied to the penis.

To save you a quick Google image search, this piercing is done in the head of the penis. It is often a ring or barbell that comes out the top of the urethra on one end and the end of the penis’s head on the other side.

There’s actually a lot of fun and interesting slang related to genitalia. We recommend giving our list of slang words for penis a read if you want to learn more.

Examples of How to Use Prince Albert

Prince Albert refers to a particular kind of piercing. Treat it like you would describe any other noun in a sentence.

As such, you would probably hear it said in a sentence like this one:

“My boyfriend asked me if I wanted him to get a Prince Albert. I told him he didn’t have to.”

You may also hear: “I’m recovering from a Prince Albert my piercer did on me the other day.”

Wrap Up

There are tons of different types of piercings you can get these days. You can pierce pretty much any part of your body that you can think of.

That being said, it’s not surprising to us that people even get genital piercings. It sounds risky and painful, but with a licensed piercer and clean facility, it can be a safe and extremely important experience for some people.

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