Salty Slang: Meaning, Origin, Sentence Examples

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(Verb) When a person gets jealous and shows that he or she is jealous, the Gen Z slang used for this is “salty.” This slang is also used when a person is irritated or angry.


Salty was first attested back in 1938. In 2007, an entry for “salty” was passed to the Urban Dictionary and the term eventually became popular.

Demographic (Who Uses This Word)

Today, everyone on social media knows this term. But, “salty” is mostly used by younger people, especially those who play online games.

Salty Used in a Sentence

  • Example 1: Are you salty because you lost the game? Just try again!
  • Example 2: You don’t need to be salty. He’s not worth it, anyway.

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