Sip Tea Slang: Meaning, Origin, Sentence Examples

Written by Gabriel Cruz - Slang & Language Enthusiast

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(Expression) The expression “sip tea” is used when a person only sits back and listens to gossip instead of talking about gossip.


Sip tea was first used in Black Drag culture, wherein tea is synonymous with one’s life or events in one’s life. Therefore, when a person sips tea, he or she is listening to a person’s life story or gossip.

Demographic (Who Uses This Word)

Today, not only Gen Z uses this word but also older generations. Sip tea is a popular word on the internet and is also used as a meme. 

Sip Tea Used in a Sentence

  • Example 1: I’m right here sippin’ tea. Continue with your story.
  • Example 2: I was about to sip tea when my mom called and asked me to pick her up.

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