15+ Slang Words For 100% (And How To Use Them)

100% is a favorite expression to say when we're very sure, when something is very good, or when something is devoid of any doubt. Although it is a great expression to use, you wouldn't want to pepper your conversations with this number, would you?

So here you go, spice up your daily conversations with the following slang terms for 100%.

Slang Words for 100% (in Alphabetical Order)

100 Emoji


  • (Expression) The 100 emoji is used by internet netizens to denote perfection and quality.
  • Example: Whenever she sees a video of her favorite band, Cam always shares it with a 100 emoji.

Across the Board


  • (Idiom) An expression that includes everyone in the group.
  • Example: Since the company earned more, they implemented a pay raise across the board.



  • (Adverb) A gambling slang term that means to give every penny to the game.
  • Example: Grandma always plays all-in during her card games. No wonder she’s always short on cash.

Dead Right


  • (Idiom) This is a conversational phrase for being unquestionably right.
  • Example: Person 1: You’re right. There is a real Skull Island. Person 2: Dead right I am.



  • (Adjective) To be completely rid of faults or flaws. 
  • Example: As the Vice Chairman’s secretary, Ms. Kim always makes error-free reports.

From A to Z


  • (Idiom) A slang term for having everything sorted out from start to finish.
  • Example: Jeffery was so excited for his first camping trip with friends that he packed everything from a to z.

Give Your 100%


  • (Verb) This phrase encourages people to give their best on whatever activity or performance.
  • Example: Matt did not win first place but he gave it his 100% and that is what matters.

Hit the Jackpot


  • (Verb) To earn the ultimate prize often unexpectedly.
  • Example: Jack was not expecting much but his entry hit the jackpot in the raffle draw.

Keep it 100


  • (Idiom) An expression that cheers people up to stay true to themselves and what they feel at the moment.
  • Example: Person 1: Thanks for giving me honest feedback. Person 2: We’re just keeping it 100 here.

No Doubt


  • (Expression) To express one’s full confidence in the fact or statement. 
  • Example:Person 1: Dinosaurs existed 100% or else we won’t see their bones. Person 2: No doubt about it.



  • (Adjective) There is perceived presence of unquestionable evidence.
  • Example: Yassi is 100% positive that she saw her sister behind the curtains.

Spot On


  • (Adjective) A British slang for describing something accurately done or shown.
  • Example: The Hamlet actor was spot on. I believe those were the expressions Shakespeare wanted us to see.



  • (Noun) Completely neat and clean without a single spot of dirt.
  • Example: You know if Aunt Emma cleans the place. It’s 100% spotless and fragrant.

With Flying Colors


  • (Adverb) An idiom that makes use of colors to applaud recognizable victory 
  • Example: Jason graduated from medical school with flying colors.

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