15+ Slang Words For 1000 Dollars (And Other Related Words)

You love their stay and hate to watch them go. Your $1000 can go a long way in this day and age.

Use your $1000 wisely and use its slang words below while you're at it.

Slang Words for $1000 (in Alphabetical Order)

$64,000 Question


  • (Expression) An American slang that is used to refer to the most important question. This was based on a well-loved 50s game show.
  • Example: Should Elle choose friendship or love? This is her $64,000 question.



  • (Noun) A rap slang meaning $1000. Band refers to the strap or “band” that holds $1000 together.
  • Example: The rap artist was offered a 100 band deal by a recording label.

Big Ones 


  • (Noun) An expression directed at how hefty $1000 can be. 
  • Example: Person 1: So how much are you exactly earning at the bank? Person 2: I’m not supposed to say but some pretty big ones.



  • (Noun) A stack of money, typically 1000 dollars of more.
  • Example: He could be pretty distasteful; he paid for everyone's drinks at the bar, showing a bozo off to people. Only god knows where that came from.



  • (Noun) An informal term for having a lot of.
  • Example: Bushels of $1000 cannot save you from death but you can be assured of your loved ones’ stability.

By the Thousand


  • (Adverb) Doing something in huge numbers or large amounts. 
  • Example: Debbie is spending by the thousands but no treatment has proven effective for his son's rare condition.



  • (Noun) President Grover Cleveland was the face of $1000 in its circulation. He was the only American president to ever hold the executive post twice and not in a row.
  • Example: My grandmother recounted how President Cleveland was a worthy face to be on the $1000 bill.

Fat Stash


  • (Noun) A large bundle of money usually having $1000.
  • Example: Mafia movies always have those fat stashes of money in black cases.



  • (Noun) A super shortened slang for “grand” or $1000.
  • Example: Designer bags and shoes cost hundreds of g. Only the rich and famous can be bothered with that.



  • (Noun) A big primate that cannot be spotted from a far away. This is used to refer to $1000 because like gorillas, this amount is big in value and a status symbol among the rich.
  • Example: Do not display your gorillas in public. You don’t want to be a prey for robbers.



  • (Noun) A conversational slang for $1000 dollars.
  • Example: A Michael Cinco gown starts at 13 grand. That’s a lot of money for just one dress.



  • (Noun) K stands for “kilo” in the metric system. This represents values in 1000.
  • Example: You can go on a very nice cruise ship vacation for 10k.



  • (Noun) The context for large as a size is applied to money slang as well as it denotes $1000.
  • Example: Even 10 large is not large enough for the family’s needs and expenses.

Smooth Thousand


  • (Idiom) The feel of a thousand dollars bundled together and played around its edges. 
  • Example: I wonder if bank personnel play with a smooth thousand before they store it in their vaults.



  • (Noun) A similar word for $1000 for everyday use.
  • Example: Earning stacks through a passive income is something that should be studied.

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