15+ Slang Words For A Good Song (And Other Related Words)

What makes a good song good? Is it the lyrics? Is it the beat? Is it the catchiness of the melody? To be honest, it could be any of those because it is all subjective. A good song is just something you enjoy listening or dancing to. Other people don’t have to love it. That doesn’t matter. As long as you feel it and you love it, don’t let other people tell you otherwise. Now, here is a list of slang words that may be used to describe or refer to a good song.

Slang Words for a Good Song (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Adjective) A common Southern slang for an excellent or appealing song. It can also be used generally for anything good. 

  • Example: The Beatles would effortlessly release some bangin’ songs every other month. 

Banging Tune


  • (Noun) A slang used in the UK, Australia, and the US. It is used for a song that is just good to listen to or would make you move.

  • Example: The band was playing some banging tunes that even the principal liked. 



  • (Adjective) An urban or street slang for a good song, usually for hip hop or rap songs.

  • Example: You will be blown away by Eminem’s new single. It is the bomb!



  • (Noun) A British slang that comes from the corruption of the word “tune.” It is used for any recorded music that one fancies. 

  • Example: Blast that choon to the highest volume. That one is my favorite. 

Dog's Bollocks


  • (Adjective) Another UK slang that means an amazing or good song. It is also used for anything that brings excitement or joy. 

  • Example: Elvis Presley’s songs were just the dog’s bollocks! They make you shake your hips like never before. 



  • (Adjective) Another street slang commonly used for good rap songs. It comes from the recreational drugs that people take to get high or euphoric. 

  • Example: Dr. Dre’s older songs are still dope. The beat and rhyme are just the best.



  • (Adjective) When a song is hot, is on fire, or just plain good, people would say that it is flame or flaming.  

  • Example: Ariana Grande was on a cold streak but her new album and singles this year are flaming.



  • (Adjective) A North American slang during the 50s until the 80s. It describes a song that has a good beat, rhythm, and flow or just simply makes you want to bust a move.  

  • Example: The songs in Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever were all funky. Everybody was leaving the movie theatre dancing.

This Goes Hard


  • (Expression) When used, this means a song is extreme cool or awesome. 

  • Example: This goes hard! I can’t believe I have never heard of this song or band.



  • (Adjective) A hit song means that the song has become very popular.  
  • Example: One Direction was pretty popular back in the day. They release hits after hits until they disbanded.



  • (Noun) A song that you feel is personally good and has some deep connection to you. It can also mean that song makes you feel excited or alive. 
  • Example: This bar is playing my jam. Let’s dance before we get drunk!

Oldie But Goodie


  • (Adjective) A slang for classic or older songs that are still good. 
  • Example: Everything that Bob Marley made is an oldie but goodie. 



  • (Adjective) If a song is rocking, it means the song is good, relatable, exciting, fresh, or just plain awesome.
  • Example: Did you know that he composed it all by himself? It is pretty epic how he made such a rocking song.



  • (Adjective) A good song that is full of meaning and soul. This slang term implies that the song is less aggressive and loud, more on the gentle side.
  • Example: Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman” was a slapper. It made you move and touched your hearts with its sweet serenade.



  • (Adjective) A rock or jazz song that has a pretty good beat, which you can easily dance to.  
  • Example: Classic rock songs from Suns Records were all stompers. They had Elvis, Chuck, and Roy Orbison at one point.

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