15+ Slang Words For Beard (And Other Related Words)

Some people like their faces clean and shaven.  Others want to grow a majestic beard to do their face. It is often perceived as a symbol of manliness. Growing and grooming a beard takes time, effort, and in most cases, even genes. While waiting for your awesome beard to grow, why not read on slang words for beard?

Here is a compiled list of slang words related to beards. Enjoy reading!

Slang Words for Beard (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) The dirty and humorous slang for a weak or feeble beard. Known as such because weak beards are similar to the hair present on the butt. 
  • Example: You should just shave your bumfluff. It looks laughable.

Five O'Clock Shadow


  • (Noun) A faint stubble or shadow-like growth appearing in the afternoon on a dude that has not shaved since morning.
  • Example: I dig guys with five o’clock shadows. It makes them look mature and smart for me. 



  • (Noun) Since beards tend to soak up food and drinks when eating, they are also known as “flavor-saver.”
  • Example: My flavor-saver almost always gets in the way when I’m eating soup.



  • (Noun) Beard is often compared to a lion's mane, hence this slang.
  • Example: You can't expect to be taken seriously at an important job interview with that big mane you're wearing.



  • (Verb)  The slang word for trimming a beard, or any other facial fair, in an exceedingly careful and meticulous manner.
  • Example: My favorite actor marquisottes his a beard because it is a big part of his iconic look.

Santa Claus


  • (Noun) Someone with a white long beard, usually with a stout build. 
  • Example: Jeremy really is Santa Claus. He just needs the red suit to complete the look. 



  • (Noun) A thin or underdeveloped beard.
  • Example: He was very tall and had some scruff. He kinda looked like Ben Affleck.

Soul Patch


  • (Noun) A small patch of beard just below the lower lip.
  • Example: David Beckham could easily pull off a soul patch. 

Strange And Weird


  • (Noun) The Cockney Rhyming slang for beard.
  • Example: My strange and weird is awfully itchy. Do you know of some ointment I can use?



  • (Noun) Named after the hairy Looney Tunes character. This refers to all types of facial hair, especially the beard. 
  • Example: My taz needs some grooming but barbers can really be expensive in our area. 



  • (Noun) Beards, especially short spiky ones, can cause a tickling sensation upon physical interaction, hence the slang. 
  • Example: My wife hates my tickler. She always tries to make me shave it. 



  • (Verb) To trim the beard in a groomed and orderly manner.  
  • Example: To make my jaw look bigger, I had to topiarize my beard well. 



  • (Noun) A beard that is grown for two years straight. 
  • Example: I was thinking of shaving my tweard. It looks nice but my manager says I should look clean for this new job position.



  • (Noun) Similar to tweard, a yeard is a beard grown for just a year. 
  • Example: My yeard is coming along well. I am really hoping it doesn’t curl around. 



  • (Noun) The Australian slang for beards.
  • Example: My ziff got some itchy bald spots because of an infection but the doctor already prescribed some ointment.

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