15+ Slang Words For Children (And How To Use Them)

Children are often innocent bundles of joy that you love to play and have fun times with. Other times, they are like little goblins that drain your energy. Either way, they are precious!

Now, did you know that we have many slang words for children? We have compiled a list below. You might be shocked to know that we have some creative and euphemistic ways of referring to kids. Enjoy!

Slang Words for Children (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) An old Northern Irish or Scottish slang for children.
  • Example: Those bairns from our street really like to play in the mud.



  • (Noun) A slang for a group of children of the same mother.
  • Example: The film was about a brood of kids that grew up in Detroit. 

Crib Lizards


  • (Noun) A somewhat derogatory or offensive slang for children that references the habit of children munching and crawling on the crib. 
  • Example: His crib lizards are triplets. Can you imagine the difficulty of putting them to sleep?



  • (Noun) A vulgar and often offensive slang word for children. Do not use this in any normal conversation as it is somewhat sexual in nature. 
  • Example: Jimmy’s crotchlings are bullies in school. He should do better parenting.

Crumb Crunchers


  • (Noun) A humorous slang word for children.
  • Example: My crumb crunchers really make a mess when they eat on the table.

Crumb Crushers


  • (Noun) Similar to crumb crunchers. This one originates from the African American vernacular.  
  • Example: I hate it when my crumb crushers get cookies for snacks. They leave a huge mess and a trail of ants. 



  • (Noun) This slang is used for children who like to fidget or mess with stuff.
  • Example: Those fidgets got their mannerisms from their dad. 



  • (Noun) Children who like to behave in a mischievous but funny manner. 
  • Example: People used to call us monkeys because we had this habit of playing pranks on our guests. It was all good fun.



  • (Noun) An Australian slang for children, originating from Australian surfing clubs. 
  • Example: Nippers really like video games and online shows in this modern age.  They rarely go out now.

Rug Rats


  • (Noun) A humorous American slang for children made famous by the TV series of the same name. Children are considered by some as rats that crawl on the rug, especially as infants. 
  • Example: Our rug rats often get together for a play date to help them socialize.



  • (Noun) An old-fashioned slang for misbehaving children.
  • Example: Their dad got mad when he found out what those scalawags were up to. 



  • (Noun)  The UK and New Zealand slang for children. It may also be used to refer to new recruits of the army in a derogatory manner. 
  • Example: Jackie’s sprogs seem very intelligent for their age.



  • (Noun) A famous slang in the UK and US for kids. A squirt is a small burst of liquid and so children are referred to as such because they are also small and often have bursts of energy. 
  • Example: Hey, squirt! Did you get the birthday present I sent you?



  • (Noun) A British slang word equivalent to tattle-tale. It is used for children who let out a secret or love to tell stories.
  • Example: I raised my kids as honest individuals. I don’t care if you call them telltales, at least they tell me the truth.



  • (Noun) A Southern US and Northern England slang for children.
  • Example: Young’uns love the great outdoors, to be honest. What they hate is the lack of convenience when it comes to exploring it.

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