15+ Slang Words For Drinking (And How To Use Them)

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Drinking is an essential part of different cultures around the world. There are traditions around it, and similarly, there are slang words that have emerged because of its importance.

Down below is a list of slang words related to drinking. Before reading, remember to drink responsibly. 

Slang Words for Drinking (in Alphabetical Order)

Bar Hopping


  • (Verb) The act of visiting a number of bars and drinking in each. 
  • Example: The gang went bar hopping last Monday. They all woke up hungover and skipped work.

Boot And Rally


  • (Verb) To vomit due to drinking too much but then continuing to drink some more.  
  • Example: Harold is a real party animal. He would boot and rally vigorously.  

Cane It


  • (Verb) To have excessive alcohol or drugs.  
  • Example: Do not cane it! The momentary high is not worth it. 



  • (Verb) To drink lots of alcohol in a continuous manner. 
  • Example: The frat party had dudes chugging on beer kegs. 



  • (Adjective) To be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 
  • Example: You shouldn't be driving. You are totally fried right now.

Get Slizzard


  • (Verb) Getting high or drunk at a party.  
  • Example: Quit being lazy and enjoy the event. Get slizzard!

Getting Juiced


  • (Verb) Juice means alcohol, drugs, or other forms of substances. Getting juiced means getting wasted, high, or drunk. 
  • Example: I better not get juiced. My mom still needs me to run some errands in the morning. 

Hammering/to get hammered


  • (Verb) Hammering is a slang term for drinking and getting wasted. It is a popular urban slang.
  • Example: Johnny came to work after day drinking with his buddies. He was totally hammered.

Hitting The Bottle 


  • (Verb) To drink heavily, usually after a bad event or situation. 
  • Example: When his wife divorced him, he started hitting the bottles again.



  • (Verb) Loading is the act of putting a huge amount of something in a particular location. Loading, as a slang word, can mean putting large amounts of alcohol into your body. 
  • Example: Sheryl is loading on some whiskey at the bar. She passed the exam so she is celebrating. 

On The Grog


  • (Adjective) Drinking, partying, or getting wasted. 
  • Example: Mary and I spent the evening on the grog at her place. 

Pub Crawl


  • (Noun) The UK equivalent of bar hopping. 
  • Example: For his birthday party, we wanted to go a pub crawling in London.



  • (Verb) To drink a large number of alcoholic beverages.
  • Example: He went skulling on all the whiskeys his father has bought for the holidays.

Tanked Up


  • (Adjective) To be completely or totally wasted or drunk due to alcohol drinking.  
  • Example: I’m out. I’m all tanked up. I should rest before I vomit.  



  • (Noun) A drink from a container or bottle of alcohol, usually hard liquor. 
  • Example: Would like a tug of bourbon or whiskey? I have both.

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