17+ Slang Words For Feet (And How To Use Them)

Your feet are arguably the most underappreciated part of your body. You literally would have not been able to go places without them. And yet they never get the credit for it. 

In this article, we show this important part of the body some appreciation by giving you a list of slang words related to it. Enjoy reading!

Slang Words for Feet(in Alphabetical Order)

A Rais


  • (Adverb) A Mexican slang that means barefoot or without shoes and socks. 
  • Example: My son likes to run a rais because of the supposed health benefits it has. 

Barefoot Enthusiast


  • (Noun) People who advocate running, jogging, and other physical activities without shoes or sandals because they deem it natural and better for the feet. 
  • Example: Rick is a certified barefoot enthusiast. He says that shoes and slippers restrict the feet, which causes major problems in the long run.

Dog's Meat


  • (Noun) In the Oxford English Dictionary, dog’s meat is an old rhyming slang in rural America that refers to feet. 
  • Example: My dog’s meat are aching so bad. I need more comfortable shoes.



  • (Noun) In 1913, a journalist from New York coined the term “dogs” as means to say “feet.” 
  • Example: Yao Ming’s dogs got injured multiple times in his career, which caused his early retirement.

Foot Bottom


  • (Noun) A Jamaican slang for the soles of the feet.
  • Example: My mother deserves some spa treatment to help remove the calluses on her foot bottom.



  • (Noun) A sensation of extreme relief, relaxation, and bliss coming from a good foot rub or massage. Important: this is a play on 
  • Example: I don’t know how but the foot rubs my husband gives me after a hard day at work always gives me a footgasm. 

Hoof/ Hooves


  • (Noun) Generally used for horses or other animals with hooves, it can be used for the human foot or feet. 
  • Example: Usain Bolt has the strongest hooves among the runners. I literally could blink and miss him finish the race. 

Hopalong Cassidy


  • (Noun) A reference to an old cowboy character. Hopalong Cassidy might be a derogatory term for someone who has foot injuries and has trouble walking. 
  • Example: Stop calling him “Hopalong Cassidy.” He injured his leg after rescuing someone on the street. 



  • (Noun) A slang of Irish origins. It refers to feet or legs. 
  • Example: I need some ointment for my kebs. Standing and lifting stuff all day seriously hurt them. 

Las Patrullas


  • (Noun) Literally translates to “Officers on the Beat.” Another Mexican slang that means feet, foot, or legs. 
  • Example: Wash las patrullas after running in the rain. Fungal infection is common for wet feet. 



  • (Noun) Patas is a Mexican slang that is used for animal feet or hooves. However, in an informal setting, patas may be used for human legs or feet.
  • Example: Dave, a sprinter, has really strong patas. He trains them daily to burst almost instantly after the go signal.  



  • (Noun) A mix of paws and feet. Peets are mainly for cats, but sometimes it is used for dogs too.
  • Example: My cat licks her peets in an elegant manner. I like to snap a photo each time. 

Plates Of Meat


  • (Noun) A Cockney rhyming slang for feet.
  • Example: Riley’s plates of meat are really tanned from all the cycling she’s been doing. 



  • (Noun) A gross reference to thick calluses on the feet that look like popcorn.
  • Example: I can’t help but watch videos of people getting their popcorn removed. The way they clean the feet is just amazing to me. Is that disgusting?



  • (Noun) This slang is used to substitute toes and feet in a common setting. 
  • Example: A ballet dancer’s tootsies are flexible yet strong. They have been trained arduously.

Trotter/ Trotters


  • (Noun) A slang word for animal feet, usually pig or sheep, eaten as food.
  • Example: My grandma’s specialty is barbecued trotters. No one in the family knows her recipe for delicious pig feet.



  • (Noun) An Australian slang for something that keeps the feet warm.
  • Example: I gave my grandpa some fresh uggies because he doesn't want to miss his daily walks even when it's really cold.


Hey! Congrats! You have finished reading this list of slang words for feet. You might have been quite surprised to see that there are numerous slang words for feet. Have fun using them!

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