Slang Words for Girlfriend (And How to Use Them)

The people we love are vital people in our lives. Each of us defines which people are our loved ones a little differently, but girlfriends probably rank near the top of most people’s lists.

To celebrate love and the bonds we form with our romantic partners, we’ve pulled together a list of slang words for girlfriend. With any luck, you’ll find a new and unique way to refer to your own girlfriend.

Make sure you read our notes carefully before using any word, though. Some of these words have negative connotations you may want to avoid.

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Slang Words for Girlfriend (in Alphabetical Order)




  • (Noun): An ultra-common term for romantic partners. It can be applied to partners of any gender.
  • Example: “Hey, babe, happy valentine’s day!”



  • (Noun): This is basically just babe without the second ‘b.” You can also use it similarly to how you’d say babe.

Ball and Chain


  • (Noun): A somewhat derogatory term used exclusively for female romantic partners. This is often prescribed to wives with the implication that the wife is restrictive or controlling.
  • Example: “I wanted to go to the game, but the ball and chain wouldn’t let me.”

Better Half


  • (Noun): Popular term for romantic partners of any gender. It’s typically very flattering to be referred to this way.
  • Example: “I love her – she’s my better half.”



  • (Noun): Another disparaging way of referring to female romantic partners or friends. Some may use this term ironically to indicate their girlfriend without being insulting.
  • Example: “That beautiful lady over there is my bitch.”



  • (Noun): Short, cute way of referring to romantic partners of any gender.
  • Example: “I met my boo at a speed dating event a year ago. It was the best day of my life.”




  • (Noun): An old-fashioned way to indicate someone you are dating. You don’t call them this in conversation with them – you use this term when talking to someone else about your girlfriend or boyfriend.
  • Example: “Emily is an old flame of mine. We’ve been dating on and off for four years.”


Gal Pal


  • (Noun): Also an old-fashioned way of stating someone is your girlfriend. You’re more likely to hear this from senior citizens as a coy way of signaling a romantic relationship.
  • Example: “My grandson has a gal pal named Rebecca.”



  • (Noun): Abbreviation of the word “girlfriend.” Generally, this is used in text conversations rather than out loud.
  • Example: “Stacey has a gf, so you’re barking up the wrong tree.”



  • (Noun): An extremely flexible word that can mean friend or girlfriend.
  • Example: “I love my girl.”




  • (Noun): Affectionate term that can be used as a title for your girlfriend or a pet name.
  • Example: “Maria is my honey. I’m so proud of her!”
  • Example 2: “Honey, have you seen my phone?”




  • (Noun): This is another dated term that tends to be used by older people. It’s polite and a little coy.
  • Example: “My grandma thinks that Rebecca is my ladyfriend. I don’t have the heart to tell her that Rebecca’s actually my side chick.”



  • (Noun): Popular pet name in the UK for romantic partners of any gender.
  • Example: “Love, would you mind getting me some breakfast?”

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  • (Noun): Term that can be used to describe both casual and committed romantic partners. This can also be applied to both men and women.
  • Example: “We’re lovers, but we’re not official yet.”


Main Chick


  • (Noun): A word used to describe serious female romantic partners. These are the women you want to raise a family with. The implication with this phrase, however, is that you are dating multiple women at once.
  • Example: “I have a whole roster of chicks, but my main chick is Shauna.”



  • (Noun): This is usually used more often to describe wives, but you can also use it to describe a girlfriend you’re more serious about.
  • Example: “I can’t stay at work late today, because I need to get home to the missus.”


Old Lady


  • (Noun): A humorous way of referencing your girlfriend or wife.
  • Example: “My old lady is waiting for me to come back from my fishing trip.”




  • (Noun): A term that can be prescribed to romantic partners of any gender. This is very commonly used in the LGBTQ+ community for long-term relationships.
  • Example: “John is my partner. We’ve been together for five years.”


Ride or Die Chick


  • (Noun): A woman who’s willing to put herself through a dangerous situation to be with you. Use this phrase to describe a woman who would do anything for you. This term has origins in hip hop.
  • Example: “I’m so lucky I met Trish. She’s my ride or die chick.”




  • (Noun): A hip hop word that can be used in reference to female friends or girlfriends.
  • Example: “Maria is my shorty.”

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Side Chick


  • (Noun): A woman who you are dating under the table. Usually this implies you are already in a committed relationship with a woman who’s your main chick, but you’re cheating on her with a side chick.
  • Example: “I stopped taking my side chick out to dinner because my main chick kept showing up whenever we went out.”

SO/Significant Other


  • (Noun): Extremely common phrase for referring to someone you’re dating, whether they’re male or female.
  • Example: “I’ve been seeing my SO, Patrick, since we were in high school.”



  • (Noun): Similar to main chick. You usually say “main squeeze” to show one person is the main individual you’re seeing, but it’s implied you’re also dating other people. Use it in sentences like how you would say main chick.



  • (Noun): Dated term for a boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s similar in use to ladyfriend or gal pal.



  • (Noun): Another somewhat outdated term for boyfriend or girlfriend. Treat it like ladyfriend, sweetheart, and gal pal.

Wrap Up

It’s not surprising that we have so many words to describe our other halves. But if you still haven’t found something that feels perfect for the love of your life, there are more slang terms to turn to.

Try checking out our list of New York slang words for beautiful. You might just find something that will make her blush.

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