15+ Slang Words For Knife (And Other Related Words)

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This versatile kitchen equipment is the beginning of a good meal. We found out there are interesting slang words it which we have compiled them in a list down below. You will learn their meanings and how to properly use them. Enjoy and always keep safe when using your knives. 

Slang Words for Knife (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) A switchblade that has the knife springing from the handle. 
  • Example: My angel got confiscated at the airport. I didn't they know they weren't allowed onboard.



  • (Noun) The general term for any metal with a sharp edge that can be used for cutting, usually a knife. 
  • Example: My blade is from Japan and is the Damascus kind. 



  • (Noun) The British slang for a knife, referring to the metallic “ching” sound they make.
  • Example: The butcher’s ching really needs a good sharpening. It could barely chop the meat. 

Cold Steel


  • (Noun) This slang phrase for knives comes from a popular manufacturer of blades in the US.
  • Example: I always carry one handy Cold Steel with me whenever I go camping. 

Drum And Fife


  • (Noun) The Cockney Rhyming slang for a knife. 
  • Example: I am a big fan of drum and fife competitions. I find it amazing how fast people can run a course while using their knives. 

Kitted Up


  • (Adjective) This slang means that someone is armed with a knife.  
  • Example: Rambo was kitted up when facing the evil sheriff pursuing him. 



  • (Verb) To get punctured, wounded, or stabbed by a sharp knife.  
  • Example: I was almost plugged when the knives fell from the drawer. 



  • (Noun) A knife, specifically a survival knife popularized by the fictional character John Rambo.  
  • Example: Bear Grylls always has a handy Rambo with him in his survival expeditions. 



  • (Noun) A makeshift blade or knife carried usually in prisons or in gang members.
  • Example: Prison films always show the characters making their shanks for protection. 



  • (Noun) Originating in the 1670s, a shiv is also a handmade impromptu knife made in prisons similar to the shank. 
  • Example: Donny, the jail warden, was almost attacked with a shiv when the riot began. 



  • (Noun) A British slang for blades coming from a popular brand of knives. 
  • Example: We need a Stanley to cut the thick cardboard and shape it. 



  • (Noun) A general slang for weapons made out of metal, not necessarily steel. Steel could easily refer to a knife. 
  • Example: Jackson has some steel collection at the back. Most of them are antique. 

Texas Toothpick


  • (Noun) A Southern US slang for knives. It is often seen in popular media people using bowie knives as toothpicks. 
  • Example: My Texas toothpick has rusted real bad. I think it needs some good restoration since it is an heirloom. 



  • (Noun) A euphemistic slang for knives. It should be noted that knives are dangerous and should be handled with caution.
  • Example: Do not play with my tickler. You might cut yourself since it is very sharp. 

Tooled Up


  • (Noun) Similar to kitted up, tooled up means that someone is armed, often with a knife. 
  • Example: The suspect was tooled up but was quickly apprehended.

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