Slang Words for Mom (And How to Use Them Correctly)

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Across the world, there are many cultures that, at a first glance, couldn’t be more different from each other. If we take a closer look, however, it’s easy to see that we usually have more in common with each other than things we have different.

One example is that we all came from somewhere – our mothers. Because of their monumental importance in our lives, there are numerous different ways to convey the simple concept of motherhood. We’ll be sharing a few slang words for mom in this post so you can learn more.

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Slang Words for Mom (in Alphabetical Order)


Baby Mama


  • (Noun): A woman that you have children with. This is usually used to describe a woman that you have kids with, but that you’re not necessarily married to. Kids do not typically use this to refer to their own mothers.
  • Example: “Lexie is my baby mama. I’ve had three kids with her.”


Choice Mom


  • (Noun): A single woman who decided to become a mom with or without a partner. These women generally end up adopting children or using fertility operations to create their own family.
  • Example: “Cassandra really wanted to have a family of her own, but didn’t have a partner to conceive with, so she adopted a child. She’s a choice mom.”


Helicopter Mom


  • (Noun): Term used to describe mothers who are extremely controlling of their children’s lives. This is because they are often seen “hovering” over their kids like a helicopter.
  • Example: “My mom is such an extreme helicopter mom that she even comes into my job interviews with me…”




  • (Noun): An affectionate and childish word for mother. Although it’s more associated with children, many adults still use this term for their own moms.
  • Example: “I miss my mama.”



  • (Noun): A play on the word “Marmaduke.” Can be used to humorously refer to your mom.
  • Example: “Mamaduke, what’s for dinner?”



  • (Noun): Abbreviation of the slang word “mama.” More common in the Southern US.
  • Example: “I got my ma some roses for Mother’s Day.”

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  • (Noun): Acronym for “mother I’d like to f***.” Used to refer to an older woman with children who’s extremely attractive. This word has origins in porn and should not be used to refer to your own mother.
  • Example: “Britney is a total MILF. I’m gonna try asking her out this weekend.”

Mother Hen


  • (Noun): You can use this word to describe your own mother, or a person who has a tendency to take care of everyone.
  • Example: “She’s always watching out for everyone in our friend group, so I call her the mother hen.”



  • (Noun): UK slang for mother. You can use it to describe your mother or refer to her directly in a conversation with her.
  • Example: “Morning, mum. Need help making breakfast?”




  • (Noun): Australian slang for mother or woman. Usually said to reference a mother in another conversation, not to refer to her directly.
  • Example: “Take a look at that sheila there – she’s got five screaming kids with her. Poor thing.”

Soccer Mom


  • (Noun): A term used to describe a specific type of suburban mom who usually has a minivan and spends a lot of time taking her kids to various activities or sports.
  • Example: “Tracey is the ultimate soccer mom. She has four kids, and all of them are involved in different extracurricular activities.”


The Folks


  • (Noun): Phrase that references both parents, and not necessarily specifically your mother. This is more common with older people than with kids themselves.
  • Example: “I’m driving down to visit the folks this weekend.”

The Old Lady


  • (Noun): Term that can describe your wife, long-term girlfriend, or mother.
  • Example: “I went shopping with the old lady this afternoon.”

The Rents


  • (Noun): Another phrase that applies to both of your parents. You can use it similarly to how you’d say “the folks.”

Tiger Mom


  • (Noun): An extremely strict mother who has high standards for her children in all areas of their lives. This is generally used in Asian families to describe mothers who can oftentimes be overbearing.
  • Example: “A tiger mom does her best to ensure her kids are straight-A students that succeed in numerous extracurricular activities.”

Wrap Up

There you have it – a list of slang words that can be used to talk about your mom. Moms aren’t the only important figures in our lives, though. Our friends are also critical to our happiness.

If you’d like to learn more ways to describe your friends, be sure to read our list of slang words for friends.

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