15+ Slang Words For Money (And How To Use Them)

Money makes the world go round. Money is probably one of the most important things in the world. Though it cannot bring you true happiness, you can still do a lot with some cold hard cash. Remember that you should never be too greedy, but you should also know never to be too selfless, especially with money. Now, we have compiled some slang words for money, which you may find very interesting. Thank you for reading and sharing!

Slang Words for Money (in Alphabetical Order)

6 Figures


  • (Noun) A salary per year that has six figures. This slang is also used to refer to huge amounts of cash.

  • Example: Farming might be hard work, but it pays in six figures.



  • (Noun) A mobster slang for finances, money, cash, or anything of value.
  • Example: I still haven’t received my bones from my boss.



  • (Noun) During the 1930s, dough and bread became synonymous with money or cash. It might have also been inspired by the Cockney Rhyming slang “Bread and Honey.”
  • Example: The bread I have won’t be enough for the new laptop that I want. 



  • (Noun) During the American colonial period, deers or bucks were very valuable trading goods and so buck became the slang for money, specifically 1 dollar. 
  • Example: A buck fell out of my pocket. I was gonna use it for a soda.

Bust Out


  • (Verb) To get or retrieve some cash or money.  
  • Example: Let’s go out for lunch. I’m gonna bust out for this one, so you choose where you want to eat. 



  • (Noun) A British slang for money, which may have come from the word “dollar.”
  • Example: I’m all dried up, not a dosh in my bank account.



  • (Noun) One of the most famous slang words for money. It comes from the slang “bread” which was also used for money.
  • Example: The company is shutting down because it doesn't have enough dough to continue to operate.



  • (Noun) Bribe money or any form of cash that may help you get out of trouble or “skip the lines” 
  • Example: If you want the corrupt police to get out of the way, you gotta have some grease.



  • (Noun) Green is the color of the dollar. Because of this, people have used “green” to point to money. 
  • Example: I'm out of green. Looks like I won’t be able to come with you.



  • (Noun) Lettuce, especially the longer ones, looks similar to paper bills. Some people have used it for cash, dollars, or money because of the resemblance. 
  • Example: He can't stop bragging about how much lettuce he earned from that shady deal.



  • (Noun) Anything of value. Money, cash, jewelry, gadgets, etc. 
  • Example: Rumor has it that he was part of the big bank heist but his friend ran away with the loot and didn't give him any.



  • (Noun) Pony is the Cockney Rhyming slang for money. 
  • Example: I wasted all my pony betting on some stupid horses. 



  • (Noun) A wad or bundle of cash in smaller denominations or bills.
  • Example: It may seem like he is loaded, but that money bag he carries around is full of skins.



  • (Noun) Smackers refer to the dollar or any cash. Smackeroonies is just a creatively expanded form of that term that also means the same.
  • Example: Henry has become such a jerk since winning all that smackeroonies from the TV show.



  • (Noun) A stash is a hidden supply of treasure, money, or other valuables.
  • Example: The game has you scavenging and looking for stash to buy some ammo. 


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