15+ Slang Words For Nose (And How To Use Them)

We often thing of the nose as the organ responsible for our sense of smell, but did you know that it is also important in the sense of taste? Did you also also know that the nose does not have any bones but is just made of cartilages and muscles? 

Here are some slang words related to the nose. You might learn a thing or two about our noses. Enjoy reading!

Slang Words for Nose (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) A slang word for the nose. This references the fact that some noses look like beaks, especially sharp noses.
  • Example: My beak was leaking blood yesterday. It was probably due to the hot weather.



  • (Noun) This is the Cockney Rhyming slang for the nose.
  • Example: I was thinking of getting a bugle piercing because I think those are cool.



  • (Noun) A primarily British slang for the nose. Comes from the 19th century and originally means “to get it in the nose.”
  • Example: My conk is pretty itchy because of all the pollen now. 



  • (Noun) The slang term for a very large nose. Large noses look like the ball you press to make a horn honk, hence the term.
  • Example: Janice wanted to have cosmetic surgery on her honker to make it sharper. 



  • (Noun) A somewhat dirty slang because of the adult-themed Hooters restaurant. However, hooter is still used for the nose in most cases. 
  • Example: Mike’s hooter is red and enlarged because of his intense allergies to dust.

Nose Job


  • (Noun) A nose job is a cosmetic surgery that aims to improve or change the physical features of the nose. 
  • Example: Susie got a nose job but she doesn’t want her parents to know because it was expensive. 



  • (Noun) The nozzle is a protruding vent, like the ones at the end of a water hose. Like the nozzle, the nose is also projecting vent for air and snot.
  • Example: My nozzle got broken when I fell face first. 



  • (Noun) Another slang for a large nose that came from a prominent conductor of the 50s and 60s with a very prominent nose.
  • Example: Jay’s preager has a cotton bandage because it got wounded by his sharp fingernails.



  • (Noun) A Northern American slang for a nose that has some german origins.
  • Example: Rocky’s schnoz was very swollen after the match with Apollo Creed. 



  • (Noun) A combination of “nozzle” and “schnoz”
  • Example: Spongebob’s schnozzle is very similar to Pinocchio’s.



  • (Noun) This slang for nose references the fact that the nose is the organ responsible for the sense of smell.
  • Example: My smeller is a bit off today because I just got a cold last night.



  • (Noun) Similar to smeller but is often used for animals like dogs since they do the sniffing. 
  • Example: A beagle’s sniffer can track the scent of forest animals. That is why they are often brought for hunting. 



  • (Noun) The original meaning of the 18th-century slang term “snitch” is “nose.” However, since a person who is nosy is someone who rats out and is doing some unwanted investigations, “snitch” became used for traitors. 
  • Example: A bird’s snitch is attached to the beaks. That is why you won’t is them unless you look closely.

Snot Locker


  • (Noun) This gross slang is often used by kids or for kids. The nose is a container or storage for snot, akin to a locker. 
  • Example: Joey’s snot locker is not very clean. He needs some tissue or wipes.



  • (Noun) Acts similarly to smeller and sniffer but is used more in the European area. The term “whiff” means to get a smell of something briefly.
  • Example:  Tom’s whiffer is really amazing. He is really comparable to a dog.

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