15+ Slang Words For Old-Fashioned (And How To Use Them)

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Times have finally caught on them. To be old-fashioned is to have old ways of thinking, talking, dressing, self-expression. While being old-fashioned is not always a bad thing, like how wine ages fine, there are terms that have come to be used to refer to them. Find your place in the great timeline when you use the following slang terms for old-fashioned. 

Slang Words for Old-Fashioned (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Adjective) To have the lowest risk and highest safety in mindset or fashion choices.
  • Example: Conservative dressing is still maintained in some religious groups

Dyed in the Wool


  • (Idiom) To be old-fashioned is to refuse new and changing beliefs or truths. “Dyed in the wool” is an expression for this turndown.
  • Example: The belief that children out of wedlock can never amount to anything is a dyed in the wool thinking of the previous generation. Nowadays, children of this origin prove to be more empathetic and understanding.

Fuddy Duddy


  • (Noun) Usually an old person who is fussy to others about their mindset.
  • Example: The tenants avoided having guests when the fuddy duddy landlady was around. She nags aloud in the hallways about responsible renting.  



  • (Adjective) For long held properties that are old-fashioned and no longer useful.
  • Example: Willow’s moth-eaten clothes at the back of her closet can’t even be donated because they are too worn out.

Museum Piece


  • (Noun) An expression for anyone or anything that is overridden by current trends.
  • Example: While marveling at the face of new instructional technology, the senior teachers felt they were starting to be museum pieces.



  • (Adjective) An endearing word for missing the days gone by.
  • Example: Despite the house being old-fashioned and rustic, Ivy felt nostalgic in its walls. She remembered warm Christmas gatherings and childhood adventures while walking around.

Okay Boomer


  • (Expression) A GenZ slang in response to anyone making a trip down memory lane marked with annoyance.
  • Example: 

Person 1: In my days, we had to walk 5 kilometers before getting to school. There were no cars around.

Person 2: Okay boomer, it’s not our fault we have bicycles, trains, and cars nowadays.



  • (Adjective) A classic slang for anything old-fashioned and nostalgic.
  • Example: Cassette tapes and Walkmans are the old-school way of listening to music. 



  • (Noun) An object or activity that is no longer practiced in the mainstream.
  • Example: Texting has become outdated while messaging through social networking sites have become the norm.

Rinky Dink


  • (Adjective) A North American slang for things that are old-fashioned and low-quality.
  • Example: You’ll know if it’s a rinky dink phone when you no longer have enough storage after the first few weeks of having it.



  • (Adjective) A party theme or music vibe of old-fashioned hues.
  • Example: Uncle Ben only played retro music in his car so I know “The Carpenters” pretty well.



  • (Adjective) An architectural slang with French origins that means “out of style” typically meant for highly textured work of pebbles and shells. Today, it can be used for interior designs that was meant for earlier times.
  • Example: Miranda is so picky of her living space. She called the 10 earlier tours ‘rococo’.

Stick in the Mud


  • (Idiom) An informal slang for a person who is inflexible in the face of change and too serious to enjoy the moment.
  • Example: Sheldon is a stick in the mud for not allowing his roommate to live with his wife.



  • (Adjective) To hold up old things, values, and practices with such high esteem even when they are old-fashioned.
  • Example: Basket weaving is a time-honored skill throughout Southeast Asia.



  • (Adjective) Commonly used for fashion and accessories that are known to be old-fashioned.
  • Example: Everyone dressed in vintage for “The Great Gatsby” themed party.

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