15+ Slang Words For Old Man (And How To Use Them)

You know them when you see them. Old men differ but they share similar traits: wrinkles, gray hair, a flab or two, slow movement, and etc. They may also share the gains of experiences, advice, and talents that go along with old age. Spot the many shades of aging with the following slang words for old man.

Slang Words for Old Man (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) An old British slang for an old man who says and acts ridiculously.
  • Example: Can you believe that Mr. Holmes would like me to marry his son? What a buffer. Everyone knows his son is foolish and selfish.



  • (Noun) A degrading term for an old person, referring to the fact that they may be getting close to their death.
  • Example: Hiram wants the coffin-dodger to meet his end already so he can stake his claim to the majority of company shares.



  • (Noun) An old man who is slow-witted or downright crazy.
  • Example: There goes that old coot again who wears the sign “the end is coming”.



  • (Noun) A hot-tempered old man.
  • Example: Don’t let your babies run around past 9 PM or else the curmudgeon on the floor below will knock your door and give you a serious lecture.



  • (Noun) An acronym for “Daddy I’d Like to Fuck”, a DILF is a sexually attractive older man.
  • Example: Riley could have any guy her age but she prefers DILFs.



  • (Noun) An affectionate and respectable term for an old man who lives by the countryside.
  • Example: The gaffer you just met is coincidentally our town mayor.



  • (Noun) In the US, this is a degrading term for an unreasonable old man with undertones of disgust.
  • Example: The old geezer had some nerve to come near Ella after being filed a temporary restraining order for stalking.



  • (Noun) A humorous yet degrading way of calling old men.
  • Example: The saleslady likes to contract with graybeards since they are easy to convince with the insurance product she sells.



  • (Noun) A Canadian slang for an old man who likes to be in relationships with much younger women. 
  • Example: That mac spends a lot of fortune on whoever young lady he is fond of at the moment.

Old Bean


  • (Noun) An affectionate term for an old man who is not there at the moment.
  • Example: Do you remember Mr. Redfield? The old bean used to give good cash to whoever perfected his exams.

Old Chap


  • (Noun) Another friendly term for an old man typically used when the person is directly responded to.
  • Example: 

Person 1: Life is getting hard.

Person 2: Cheer up, old chap. Lots of people have problems just different from you.

Old Man Winter


  • (Noun) Viewing the winter season as an old man responsible for the very season. The well-loved childhood character Jack Frost is among its many personas.
  • Example: The old man winter is definitely angry. There’s no way this blizzard is stopping soon.



  • (Noun) An informal American way of calling an older man that kind of rings the word “papa”. This is popularized by a widely popular American comic book series.
  • Example: Hey Pops, can we get two milkshakes here please?



  • (Noun) Coming from Latin that means “a man of old age”, a senex is usually the sage figure in movies and theatre plays.
  • Example: After Iron Man, Doctor Strange plays as the senex across the Marvel cinematic universe.

Top Dog


  • (Noun) An old man who is the most accomplished in his field.
  • Example: Atty. James only attends to top dogs who can pay his ridiculous consultation and court fees.

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