15+ Slang Words For Oral Sex (And How To Use Them)

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It might be somewhat weird or embarrassing to talk about oral sex but it is a normal adult experience. There is no harm in participating in oral sex as long it is consensual and safe. Technically, oral sex is called cunnilingus (when directed at a female) or fellatio for its male counterpart, but as is the case with many things sexual, slang words are often used to refer to it. Here's a list of such words. Stay away, kids! This list is not for you.

Slang Words for Oral Sex (in Alphabetical Order)

3rd Base


  • (Noun) Bases in the US refer to the milestones of physical relations people may have achieved with their partners. It references the bases on the sport of baseball. 3rd base refers to oral sex for either partner.
  • Example: Henry is such a liar. He would always scream that he got to 3rd base with all of his previous partners, although it's obvious he's not even done it with anyone.



  • (Noun) Originally an innocent slang referring to a female. Plies, the American rapper, popularized the slang term for fellatio or oral sex directed towards the male’s privates.
  • Example: Prudes tend to feel embarrassed and would cover their ears when they hear people talking about Becky.



  • (Noun) Short for “blowjob,” which means fellatio. 
  • Example: The film had an explicit beej scene. I was fast enough to turn it off because of the kids.



  • (Noun) The most popular slang used to denote the stimulation of the male’s penis, fellatio, or oral sex. It is often used in the streets or in casual conversations. 
  • Example: I am embarrassed to explore if I like a bj or not from my partner. Sex-positive people have been trying to encourage me.

Bob On The Knob


  • (Verb) To perform oral sex on a male partner. Bob is the act of fellatio while the knob is the actual male’s private region.
  • Example: I accidentally caught a glimpse of the movie’s protagonists bobbing the knob.

Come Down


  • (Verb) It means to go down and pleasure your partner through oral sex. Very vulgar but widely used.
  • Example: She likes to come down to all the ladies she dates. 



  • (Noun) Dome is mostly used to refer to the head. However, the head is also slang used for fellatio. Hence, the term dome is also used to describe fellatio. 
  • Example: Most 80s slasher films always have couples giving dome to one another before they get captured. 

Eat A Peach


  • (Verb) Peach is used for a female’s nether regions. Eating a peach is a euphemistic slang that means you will eat or pleasure a female’s private area. It is also known as cunnilingus. 
  • Example: Jennifer and her ex skipped classes and everyone knew she was with her ex eating a peach.



  • (Verb) An urban slang that means oral sex that somewhat originates from the term “head.”
  • Example: I don’t think I am ready for some face. I hope you respect that.

Go Down On


  • (Verb) Similar to come down. It is a general slang for oral sex.
  • Example: My dad’s stash of magazines had some adult content with people going down on one another.



  • (Noun) A fellatio or cunnilingus. Very famous urban slang for oral sex. 
  • Example: They have been dating for a year now and she hasn't consented to doing anything yet more than giving him an occasional head.



  • (Noun) A blowjob, oral sex to the male’s privates, or fellatio. A somewhat offensive slang because it references the Lewinski-Clinton scandal. 
  • Example: He was very sexually active. He would get Lewinski from all the ladies he would bring home. 



  • (Verb) To do some oral stimulation to a female’s genitalia. To perform cunnilingus. 
  • Example: Jam was a very sex-positive person. However, she would only desire sexual activities from her partners, especially the muffing part.



  • (Verb) Munching refers to the act of eating. Munch can also be used to refer to eating and pleasuring another person’s sexual organs, usually a female.
  • Example: Her munching game was very strong. She would really brag about it to all her friends. 

Slurp The Gherkin


  • (Verb) The gherkin is any pickled fruit, usually a pickle. It stands for the male’s “pole.” Slurping is an act of sucking something. Oral sex usually involves a lot of sucking and stimulation, hence, this slang term. 
  • Example: I am somewhat impartial to slurping the gherkin. I am okay with giving it but not receiving it. Maybe I am not really the explorative type and I just like to serve. 

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