15+ Slang Words For Potato (And How To Use Them)

The potato is probably one of the most important crops in the world. Technically speaking, our ancestors survived and thrived on a diet that mostly consisted of potatoes.

Because of the potato's importance, there are many slang words that have come about to refer to it. Down below is a list of slang words for potato and how to use them. Read thoroughly so that you learn a little bit of history as well. You might find yourself surprised. 

Slang Words for Potato (in Alphabetical Order) 



  • (Noun) An Irish slang for a potato that is very large. 
  • Example: A caldar, if big enough, would suffice for a big batch of mashed potatoes.



  • (Noun) A very famous British slang that refers to what Americans call “French fries.”
  • Example: Chips from McDonald’s’ always lack salt, especially for me since I like them salty.



  • (Noun) An old and rarely used slang for potatoes. Potatoes are from the soil or earth and are considered to be a staple like apples.
  • Example: Grandpa started his own garden that has delicious earthapples.



  • (Noun) A shortened slang for “French fries” or “potato fries”. A dish that has potatoes in long batons and deep-fried.
  • Example: I like my curly fries with lots of hot sauce. I like the spicy taste and the crunch that they have.



  • (Noun) Another Irish slang which is used for sweet potatoes.
  • Example: Grandma likes to eat boiled Ionam because it was what her mother used to make for her. 

Jockey's Whips


  • (Noun) Cockney Rhyming slang for chips or fries
  • Example: KFC has some thick and spicy jockey’s whips that you have to try.



  • (Noun) The British from the 1800s decidedly called potatoes “Murphy” because it was a primary crop in Ireland and many people had the name Murphy there. “Murphy” was also used for South American potatoes.
  • Example: I don’t like to eat murphy, especially boiled ones. They are just plane carbs. 



  • (Noun) An Irish slang for a tiny or small potato. 
  • Example: Paidrins are considered to be a bad harvest since they can’t be sold for much in the market.



  • (Noun) This is the slang which the Irish used to refer to the disease that devastated Ireland potatoes, causing the Great Hunger. 
  • Example: Thankfully, we have a cure for smoladh so we wouldn’t have to worry about potatoes rotting. 

Spanish Waiter


  • (Noun) The Cockney Rhyming slang for potatoes.
  • Example: The baked Spanish Waiter has this delicious aroma which makes me drool hard. 



  • (Noun) A famous slang for potatoes. Spud might have come from the fact that people named “Murphy” were also called “spud” and because “Murphy” was also slang for potato, spud became one too. 
  • Example: Pringles handpicks the best spuds for their products. That is why they are so good.



  • (Noun) A US slang, possibly originating from the south, that sounds like the last syllables of the word “potato”, hence the term “taters.”
  • Example: I want to eat tater tots every day for the rest of my life. They are just so good that I can’t get enough.



  • (Noun) An Australian slang for potatoes that is derived from “Taters.”



  • (Noun) A general term for a type of crop that includes potatoes. Since potato was the most well-known tuber, it became synonymous with it.
  • Example: The tubers for this season are very good. They have the right color and size. 



  • (Noun) Similar to fries, Wedges is a type of dish that has a potato thickly cut into wedge shapes and then deep-fried.
  • Example: I want my fries cut in wedges, please.

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