15+ Slang Words For Pretty (And How To Use Them)

Written by Gabriel Cruz - Slang & Language Enthusiast

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Beauty is a highly subjective concept. And especially in this day and age, physical beauty is no longer considered as important as it used to be. But we can't deny being drawn to what we deem to be pretty, whether it be a person or an object. Here we have come up with a list of slang words that are typically associated to pretty. Enjoy reading!

Slang Words for Pretty (in Alphabetical Order)

10 Out of 10


  • (Expression) As if prettiness was put on a scale, being “10 out of 10” is to represent perfection.
  • Example: Emma Watson is a celebrated actress, outstanding Ivy League student, and a brave feminist. She’s a 10 out of 10.

Beauty Queen


  • (Noun) The winner of a beauty pageant.
  • Example: The beauty queen is not only pretty on the outside but also beautiful on the inside as she does charity work for kids.

Cut a Dash


  • (Verb) A British slang for making a good impression through one’s clothing.
  • Example: Tiffany’s Valentino dress really cuts a dash. You can see everyone staring at it.

Dolly Bird


  • (Noun) Another British expression for beauty but this time for a pretty woman with not much wits.
  • Example: The pretty waitress had to change their order three times as she couldn’t get the customer’s request right. Her looks could’ve saved her but she’s a dolly bird out in the open.



  • (Noun) A very charming person who fits one’s idea of an “ideal person”.
  • Example: Juliet is Romeo’s absolute dreamboat. She is smart, kind, and personable with his family.

Drop Dead Gorgeous


  • (Noun) An exaggerated expression for someone so pretty, her looks could leave anyone holding their breath to death.
  • Example: Debbie knows she’s drop dead gorgeous so she uses this to her advantage as a sales representative.

Eye Candy


  • (Noun) A modern expression for someone who is visually pleasing just like how candy is appealing to one’s tastes.
  • Example: Since everyone in the class had known each other for such a long time, the transferee named Bella became everyone’s eye candy.

Femme Fatale


  • (Noun) A capable and seductive woman who brings trouble to anyone who gets close with her.
  • Example: The news reporter is well-known to be a femme fatale. She reports the truth as she sees and defends herself physically and verbally from her haters.



  • (Noun) Similar to drop dead gorgeous, to be a “knockout” is to leave everyone breathless with one’s beauty, outfit, or demeanor. 
  • Example: Veronica went from a total nobody to 100% knockout during prom.

Mamma Jammer


  • (Noun) A captivating sports player.
  • Example: The tennis court mamma jammer reeled in a lot of crowd when she was announced to be the next player.



  • (Adjective) A millennial slang for a person with a muscular and fit body.
  • Example: Quinn went on a strict diet and exercise routine to show her ripped body in time for the Fashion Week.

Sitting Pretty


  • (Verb) Someone who is in a cozy or safe position socially and financially.
  • Example: After marrying her wealthy and old husband, Anna is now sitting pretty in their new house.



  • (Verb) A modern slang for dazzling everyone usually through outfits and makeup.
  • Example: Taylor slayed that cat eye eyeliner.



  • (Noun) Just like “eye candy”, “snack” is the millennial term for someone who is captivating to the eyes like how food is delightful to the mouth. However, this can have offensive undertones.
  • Example: Since working for an entertainment company, Astrid now looks like a snack everyday.



  • (Adjective) A GenZ compliment for someone’s pretty and perfect body, outfit, hair, or makeup.
  • Example: Miley’s blond and sleek straight hair is absolutely snatched. 

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