15+ Slang Words For Queen (And How To Use Them)

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Queens show grace under pressure, beauty over stress, and sharp wits in dull situations. They always show their best in the best and worst of all possible situations. Heavy is the head that wears the crown but yours doesn't have to be when you use the following slang for queens.

Slang Words for Queen (in Alphabetical Order)

Bell of the Ball


  • (Noun) The female head turner in an event.
  • Example: In her chic Valentino dress, the company heiress proved to be the bell of the ball.

Court Card


  • (Noun) The group of cards that have royals in it including queens.
  • Example: The museum has the most expensive queen court cards.



  • (Noun) A pre-1917 Russian term for an empress.
  • Example: The czarina graced the event.

Drag Queen


  • (Noun) A person (usually a male) in full-on makeup and lavish outfit.
  • Example: The drag queen gave away his prized makeup set.

Drama Queen


  • (Noun) A person who shows strong emotions over little things.
  • Example: His drama queen of a cousin would lash out to him if she sees the window scratches of her car.

Her Royal Highness


  • (Noun) The formal and official way of addressing a queen.
  • Example: Her royal highness would like everyone to leave her room at once.



  • (Noun) A person who gained popularity for their expertise.
  • Example: Claire is a debate hotshot. That’s why she can never keep her boyfriends.



  • (Noun) A beautiful and popular celebrity.
  • Example: Celine has been crowned to be the idol of melodramas.



  • (Noun) A person with desirable qualities worthy to be emulated.
  • Example: After winning numerous awards for her writing, Hera became a model writer in her country.



  • (Noun) A prominent person, like a queen, displayed on a poster.
  • Example: The pin-up of the Queen looked fabulous in expensive paper.

Prima Donna 


  • (Noun) The best dancer in a company of ballerinas.
  • Example: The prima donna stunned everyone in her emotional solo act.

Queen Bee


  • (Noun) The most influential female in the school.
  • Example: The queen bee dictates the latest style fads in the school.

Queen of Hearts


  • (Noun) A person who easily earns the affection of everyone around them.
  • Example: Because of her good grades and frequent charity involvement, Sunny has been referred to as the town’s “queen of hearts”.



  • (Noun) A person who displays a great sense of style.
  • Example: The smasher designed the best gown in the festival.

Yas Queen


  • (Expression) A humorous drag culture slang for saying “yes”. 
  • Example: 

Person 1: Those heels would look great in my collection. 

Person 2: Yas queen, go ahead and buy them.

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