15+ Slang Words For Question (And How To Use Them)

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To ask a question is to expect an answer immediately, soon, some other time, or even years after. Asking questions can help one learn new information, clarify doubts, and improve inquiry skills. Questions unveil what is in your thoughts so we'll reveal to you other ways to refer to questions with its slang expressions below.

Slang Words for Question (in Alphabetical Order)

Big Question


  • (Expression) The main point of discussion.

  • Example: The big question in this problem is whether or not you are suitable to lead.

Bone of Contention


  • (Idiom) An issue with a lot of opinions to take in.

  • Example: Discussing preferences for presidential elections is a serious bone of contention. 

Brain Teaser


  • (Noun) An amusing puzzle that can be a worthwhile pastime.

  • Example: To exercise his mind, Tim answers brain teasers such as crossword puzzles and Rubik’s cubes.

Can of Worms


  • (Idiom) A dilemma of facing or not facing a problem. Not facing it will show passivity but facing it will lead to more issues.
  • Example: If you confess your true feelings to your best friend, that will only open a can of worms. Are you ready for that?



  • (Verb) To ask around stores for their prices and compare afterwards.
  • Example: The interns were tasked to canvass around the most cost-effective advertising company.

Catch 22


  • (Expression) Based on a book of the same phrase, “catch 22” is a situational dilemma between co-dependent events.
  • Example: To get a valid ID card, one must present two valid ID cards. It’s a classic catch 22 situation.

Chinese Puzzle


  • (Idiom) A perplexing condition.
  • Example: During high school, the ultimate Chinese puzzle is choosing between academic pursuits and social life engagements.



  • (Verb) A police slang for asking the same set of questions to different persons and seeing if their answers fit the whole narrative.
  • Example: Police investigators are cross-examining bar owners and arrested crimelords to see if they are conspiring with each other. 



  • (Noun) Based on the cryptic German military code, an “enigma” is an uncrackable code or puzzle.
  • Example: Whether Mona Lisa is smiling or not is an enigma that has baffled art historians and artists alike.



  • (Verb) To profusely ask with the intention to arrive at an anticipated answer.
  • Example: Amy’s mom grilled Sheldon intensely about whether or not he is really her boyfriend.



  • (Adjective) A type of question in which every answer is valid.
  • Example: Open-ended questions make the mind run free.

Pick One's Brains


  • (Verb) To conversationally ask someone more educated on the topic.
  • Example: Clara’s favorite podcast is about a host who pick’s on expert scientists’ brain on their fields of expertise.

Q & A 


  • (Noun) A popular slang that stands for “question and answer”. 
  • Example: Among the most highly anticipated parts of the Miss Universe competition is the Q & A portion.



  • (Adjective) A kind of question that does not seek or already knows an answer.
  • Example: To wonder of one’s necessity to be born into this world is a rhetorical question. We are all born with a purpose.

Tough Nut to Crack 


  • (Idiom) A person, thing, or happening that is hard to deal with.
  • Example: Calculus problems are such tough nuts to crack. I give up on them.

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