15+ Slang Words For Quick (And How To Use Them)

Written by Gabriel Cruz - Slang & Language Enthusiast

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To be quick is to do things at a faster pace and shorter time than what is usual and expected. A quick pace saves time, encourages convenience, and allows people to proceed with the next step. Beat superhero speed when you're quick to use the following slang expressions for quick. 

Slang Words for Quick (in Alphabetical Order)

Before the Ink is Dry


  • (Expression) Using a drying ink as the basis of time, it is an exaggerated way of finishing things within that short span of time.
  • Example: I can finish doing the dishes before the ink is dry.



  • (Adverb) To do things desperately fast.
  • Example: The Olympian swimmer breakneck swam through the finish line to ensure victory. 

Fast on the Draw


  • (Adverb) Based on how cowboys and policemen are quick to get their guns, “fast on the draw” means to act as if on reflex.
  • Example: Christine was fast on the draw to crumple the letter from her ex-boyfriend.



  • (Noun) A shortcut that makes the journey quick.
  • Example: This road is a fast-track to the school.



  • (Adjective) A moment that passes by quickly.
  • Example: Youth is a fleeting stage of one’s life.

Learning on One's Feet


  • (Idiom) Learning by doing at the same time.
  • Example: The intern is quick to learn on his feet about office etiquette.



  • (Adjective) To be quick and easy to execute movement. 
  • Example: Hip-hop dancers are light-footed yet forceful at the same time.

Lightning Fast


  • (Adjective) Like how lightning abruptly comes and goes, “lightning fast” refers to an event that started and/or finished quickly.
  • Example: Anna’s first romance happened lightning fast. They met last night but and getting married today.

New York Minute


  • (Idiom) Based on the fast-paced business in New York, a New York minute is a very short amount of time.
  • Example: Gabee promised to finish her makeup in a New York minute.

On the Dot


  • (Expression) To be exactly on time.
  • Example: The CEO arrives at meetings on the dot and wraps them quickly.



  • (Expression) A British slang that stands for “Pretty Damn Quick”.
  • Example: Because the pizza delivery boy was PDQ, Uncle Gabe gave him a good tip.

Psyched Up


  • (Adjective) To be quick to do things because of excitement.
  • Example: Wayne is psyched up to do his best in the exam because he will meet his girlfriend later.



  • (Adjective) To be smart.
  • Example: The quick-witted detective figured out the spy.

Rapid Fire


  • (Adjective) A quick segment of a program.
  • Example: The rapid fire question had the contestants answer at the same time.



  • (Adjective) To show fluid movements.
  • Example: The baseball player was snappy to bat the ball.

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