15+ Slang Words For Real (And How To Use Them)

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"What is real?", this is a question that dates back to Ancient Greece and is still an ongoing philosophical debate today. Even with no real answers, humans being humans have found a way around it. For conversation's sake, the "real" things are the ones perceived by the 5 senses and everything else by the people surrounding you. Define your version of real with its slang terms below.

Slang Words for Real (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Adjective) Genuinely made.

  • Example: Wayne’s new kicks are authentic. He ordered it on the official website.

Bona Fide


  • (Adjective) A Latin phrase with continued use that means a person certified of who they claim to be.

  • Example: Liam is a bona fide employee of the company after 6 months of training.

Call a Spade a Spade


  • (Idiom) To plainly and clearly describe things as they are. 

  • Example: Your big sister’s beautiful eyes make her pretty. Your disproportionate face makes you ugly. Let’s just call a spade a spade.



  • (Adjective) An Australian slang for an honest person or thing.

  • Example: That dinkum news article shed light on the perspectives surrounding the issue. 

Get Real


  • (Verb) To reveal one’s honest opinions and sentiments.

  • Example: Let’s get real: did you steal the money or not?

Honest to Goodness


  • (Expression) An affectionate phrase that convinces someone of another’s honesty.

  • Example: Honest to goodness, I did not take the money. I didn’t even know where Mom’s purse was.

In the Flesh


  • (Idiom) A truth verified because it is visible.

  • Example: The grandmother had tears in her eyes as she greeted her granddaughter's boyfriend in the flesh. She always thought he was made up.



  • (Adjective) A shortened slang for “legitimate”, legit products are not fake items.

  • Example: Not everyone can have legit Birkin bags.

Out and Out


  • (Adjective) An undeniable absolute state of a thing or person.

  • Example: Lina’s waacking dance was out and out a fine execution of every move.

Real Deal


  • (Idiom) To perceive someone or something to be on the supreme level.

  • Example: The moment the amateur wrestler stepped in the ring, Dave knew he would be the real deal years from now.



  • (Noun) As opposed to an idealist, a realist just takes things as they are.

  • Example: Jackson is a realist who does not believe in luck.

Shit Just Got Real


  • (Expression) A vulgar slang for a situation that got out of hand.

  • Example: The squad complimented Dana’s horrible singing till she went up the stage to sing in front of an audience. Shit just got real.

Sure Enough 


  • (Expression) A statement that affirms and consoles. 

  • Example: Sure enough, you will be a great architect someday. Diligent efforts can never betray you.

True Blue


  • (Idiom) To be dedicated to a particular field or interest.

  • Example: Mark is a true blue Lakers fan.



  • (Adjective) To express one’s genuine sincerity.

  • Example: Tim’s wholehearted love confession was accepted.

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