15+ Slang Words For Really Good (And How To Use Them)

Written by Gabriel Cruz - Slang & Language Enthusiast

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Among the most popular expressions of all time, to say "really good" conveys appreciation and commendation. It's an easy compliment to be tossed around. Be really good in spreading kindness with different ways of saying "really good".

Slang Words for Really Good (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) Based on the grade given to exemplary students, “A+” is a compliment given to really good persons or accomplishments.

  • Example: Gail’s A+ lobster dish caught the attention of the world-renowned chef.

Better than the Best


  • (Expression) To one up those who are considered the best in their fields.

  • Example: The scientist introduced a medication that is better than the best in the market today.

Bloody Well


  • (Expression) The British equivalent of “really good”.

  • Example: The sales team has been doing bloody well this past quarter.

Blue Ribbon 


  • (Noun) Because of how blue ribbons are awarded as badges of honor in England, blue ribbons represent really good quality.

  • Example: Akeelah brought home a blue ribbon from the Spelling Bee Contest.

Cream of the Crop


  • (Idiom) An expression that distinguishes the best among the rest.

  • Example: Jackson is among the top fencing players in the world. He is fencing’s cream of the crop.

Dress to Kill


  • (Verb) Dressing up oneself with the finest to show prominence and confidence.

  • Example: Tiffany dressed to kill with her Valentino dress at the red carpet.

Fine and Dandy


  • (Expression) A conversational way of agreeing to something wholeheartedly. 

  • Example: 

Person 1: Will you come with us to the arcade?

Person 2: That’s fine and dandy.



  • (Adjective) Based on the most expensive and most comfortable airplane cabin, “first-class” is the most luxurious and highly priced place, object, or event.

  • Example: First-class pearls are so hard to find these days.

Heart of Gold


  • (Idiom) A really good-natured person whose heart can be equaled to gold.

  • Example: Natalie won’t admit it but she has a heart of gold. She volunteers in the soup kitchen, stays behind for her academically struggling students, and listens to her friends’ problems.

League of its Own


  • (Expression) Someone or something that is superior in ability or quality that no else can compare. 

  • Example: Rice is a league of its own. No other food in the world can be paired with a lot of dishes.

Out of this World


  • (Adjective) A person or thing whose abilities or features are really good and should not originate from here.

  • Example: Kai’s dancing skills are out of this world. 

Own It


  • (Verb) A millennial slang to show a really good and dominating performance. 

  • Example: Angelo’s final goal kick scored the winning point for his team. He absolutely owned it today.



  • (Adjective) A really good occupation or career move.

  • Example: Kurt’s plum career as a maritime captain helps him financially support his family.



  • (Adjective) Based on the most valued and nearly 100% silver, “sterling” is a British expression for someone or something that’s worth a positive comment.

  • Example: Edmund’s sterling suit and tie made him look dashing.

Thumbs Up 


  • (Verb) A body gesture that shows appreciation. 

  • Example: Sunny gave me a thumbs up when I told her we’re having fried chicken for lunch.

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