Slang Words for Sister (And How to Use Them)

If you grew up with a sister, chances are, she was one of the main characters in the cast of your life. Our siblings are our first friends…and sometimes even our first enemies. More often than not, they’re both your friend and your enemy.

Because we feel that sisters are important people, we’ve gathered a list of slang words for sister. The next time you see yours, maybe you can call your sister by one of these terms.

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Slang Words for Sister (in Alphabetical Order)




  • (Noun): Your original, full-blood, biological sister from the same parents. You might use this when you’re speaking to a stepsister or sister-in-law to clarify which sister you’re talking about.
  • Example: “I’m talking about my genesister – not my stepsister.”

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  • (Noun): A woman who is related to you by blood. It doesn’t have to mean sister, but can be used to refer to your sibling, anyway.
  • Example: “Marianne is my kinswoman. We grew up in the same house together.”


Mother from Another Brother


  • (Noun): This isn’t exactly a term to describe your sister as a sister – this is a term you apply to a sister that acts like another parent to her siblings.
  • Example: “Elyssa is a mother from another brother. She’s always making lunches for and taking her siblings to school.”




  • (Noun): An accented way of saying “sister.” You can use this word exactly like how you’d just use the word “sister” in a sentence.



  • (Noun): A shortened version of “sibling.” It can be applied to brothers or sisters.
  • Example: “Here’s my sib, Ana.”

Side Stepsister


  • (Noun): This one can be kind of confusing. You can use it to refer to your stepsister’s stepsister if her parents have been remarried multiple times.
  • Example: “My stepsister has stepsisters from her dad’s previous marriage. Those are my side stepsisters.”



  • (Noun): Acronym that stands for “sister-in-law.” Used in text form rather than saying out loud.
  • Example: “I’ve never liked my SIL. She treats my brother like crap.”



  • (Noun): Abbreviated way of saying “sister.” Can be used to refer to a close friend or a sister.
  • Example: “Hey, sis, how are you doing?”

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  • (Noun): The female equivalent of “broski.” It can be used to refer to sisters or close female friends.
  • Example: “Want to go partying with me, siski?”



  • (Noun): Another accented way of saying “sister.” You may also use this similarly to how you’d use the word sister.

Sisters before Misters


  • (Phrase): The female equivalent of, “bros before hos.” It means that a close-knit group of female friends or sisters puts each other before their romantic prospects.
  • Example: “She takes sisters before misters seriously and gets her friends’ approval before dating any man.”

Skin and Blister


  • (Noun): Cockney rhyming slang that just means sister. Can be used pretty much whenever you’d say sister.

Soul Sister


  • (Noun): A woman, not necessarily your sister, who has a deep, platonic relationship with you. She understands you on every level and always has your back.
  • Example: “Emily is my soul sister. It’s like we were sisters in another life or something.”

Wrap Up

Those are the most common slang terms for sister that we could find. Do you know any other ones? If so, feel free to leave us any additional words in the comments below.

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