15+ Slang Words For Sleep (And How To Use Them)

When you were a kid, sleeping is often touted as a form of punishment because you don’t get to play. However, once you have become an adult, you wish that you could just sleep all the time because of the never-ending work that you need to accomplish. Sleeping is a commodity that everyone can barely acquire because of the hustle of the modern world.

We might not be able to help you gain some sleep but did you know that there are lots of slang words referring to or related to sleep? Read further to learn more!

Slang Words for Sleep (in Alphabetical Order)

Call It A Night


  • (Verb) Originating in the 1800s, this slang means ending a task or job for now and sleeping.  
  • Example: We had to call it a night because it was getting late. The paint won’t dry if the sun is not up. 

Cat Nap


  • (Noun) A short and light sleep or rest. 
  • Example: His cat nap was interrupted when he got a telemarketing call from someone selling table napkins.



  • (Verb) Akin to an aircraft crashing, this slang means to seemingly collapse and rest because of exhaustion. It can also mean to temporarily sleep at or stay with someone.  
  • Example: I’m about to crash after studying 6 hours straight for the finals. 

Doze Off


  • (Verb) To unknowingly fall asleep, possibly due to boredom or tiredness.  
  • Example: I was dozing off at the lecture because the professor just used some old PowerPoint I could have just read through on my own.



  • (Verb) To sleep because of the “high” caused by drugs. 
  • Example: The suspects were caught gouching in the car.

Hit The Sack


  • (Verb) This slang phrase comes from the fact that mattresses were originally made from sacks filled with hay or feathers. This means to sleep and is often used in the US.  
  • Example: Kids should hit the sack before 10 pm.



  • (Noun) A British slang for sleep. Comes from the Danish word for tavern or inn. 
  • Example: I just had the best kip in a long time. I feel well-rested and ready to work again. 



  • (Verb) Another slang meaning to rest or sleep. Weirdly comes from the bread loaf, since it is like a mattress and is inanimate.  
  • Example: Quit loafing! The deadline is coming soon so please work faster. 

Out Cold


  • (Adjective) Someone who is fast asleep.  
  • Example: Jenny is out cold so you should just call again tomorrow. 

Saw Wood


  • (Verb) To sleep very soundly, usually accompanied by loud snoring. 
  • Example: Our dog was sawing wood and it was just so cute. 



  • (Noun) Sleep or rest. Shut-eye refers to the closing of one’s eyes for sleep.
  • Example: I can’t get some shut-eye because of the upcoming results of the exam. I need to get a good score to pass. 



  • (Noun) A Spanish slang for a short rest or nap done in the afternoon, particularly in warm weather.
  • Example: I felt tired after cleaning up and eating so I had some siesta to get some energy back.



  • (Noun) A small amount of rest or sleep. Exaggerates the rest as almost so little that it is comparable to a couple of winks.  
  • Example: I could only catch a few winks last night since I had to finish a ton of work. At least, everything was done on time.



  • (Noun) A British slang from the 1800s that means a short nap. It comes from the sound that people make when sleeping. 
  • Example: I was just planning on going for a little bit of zizz but I was worried that I was gonna oversleep.



  • (Verb) Sleeping due to intoxication.  
  • Example: We partied so hard that Zack zonked on the bathroom floor.

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