15+ Slang Words For Steroids (And How To Use Them)

Actually, steroids are not bad. Steroids are compounds needed by the body for growth and other processes. However, what the common person is thinking about when they hear steroids is the injectable serums or drugs that are often dangerous and illegal. These steroids cause immense muscle growth and potentially harmful side effects. Stay away from these! Due to their illegal use, many have utilized slang words to conceal or euphemize the talk regarding steroids.

Down below is a list of slang words related to steroids. Do note that we have compiled them, listed their meaning and usage, and alphabetize them purely due to our curiosity and need to seek knowledge regarding slang words. We do not endorse the use of steroids in any manner. Enjoy reading!

Slang Words for Steroids (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) This slang refers to all kinds of steroids, including medical and illegal. 
  • Example: He had to take some anabolics for his asthma. 



  • (Noun) Androgens are the hormones that exhibit male characteristics. Androgen is considered to be an academic slang for the steroids which bodybuilders use. 
  • Example: There is a bodybuilding competition that allows the use of limited androgens. 



  • (Noun) Referencing Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose physique is very impressive. This is another slang word for gym steroids.
  • Example: People forget that taking Arnolds without exercise will not result in a bulkier build.



  • (Verb) The act of mixing steroids with other drugs for added or reduced effect.  
  • Example: Professional steroids users know how to blend certain drugs with steroids to prevent the side effects.



  • (Noun) Another slang term for steroids, usually the injectable ones but may also include other steroid-related items. 
  • Example: He's been working out for less than half a year but look at his body. Well, it's probably all gear.

Gym Candy


  • (Noun) A euphemistic slang for steroids. 
  • Example: Don’t try some gym candy. You might get disqualified from the competition. 



  • (Noun) Steroids often “hype” the body into repairing and building more muscles, hence the term.
  • Example:  He's taken some hype beforehand. As a result, he experiences some mood swings.

On The Juice


  • (Adjective) A euphemistic slang that describes someone who is on steroids. 
  • Example: Jackson is secretly on the juice. He was able to bulk up very fast because of this. 



  • (Noun) Short for performance-enhancing drugs. This is a general slang for drugs, including steroids, that allow better athlete performance and muscle. 
  • Example: Lance Armstrong was caught using PEDs and was subsequently banned. 



  • (Noun) Street slang for steroids since they are meant to “pump” you up and make you gain weight.  
  • Example: Taking pumpers is not advisable when you have a heart condition. They are reported to lead to cardiac arrest.



  • (Noun) The most common and recognized slang for steroids. Roids comes from the word itself. 
  • Example: Some advocates like to propose a competition where roids are legal just to see the limits of human performance. 



  • (Verb) This means to taking or injecting steroids in an inconsistent manner.  
  • Example: Dewey thought by shotgunning roids, he wouldn’t get caught by the committee.



  • (Noun) Another street slang for steroids, similar to pumpers.
  • Example: Lebron might seem like he is on stackers but that's just how his body is built. 



  • (Verb) Similar to blending, this slang means to use a concoction or mix of different steroids for added effect. 
  • Example: I still think that the competition is unfair as the winner did not get caught stacking. 

Weight Trainers


  • (Noun) A polite slang often used by gym rats that encourage steroids. Steroids are technically used for muscle and weight gain.
  • Example: Studies have shown that being on weight trainers would reduce the size of some organs.

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