15+ Slang Words For Tasty (And Other Related Words)

Written by Gabriel Cruz - Slang & Language Enthusiast

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Having something tasty is the joy of one's gastronomic senses. The combination of flavors, aroma of spices, and presentation of food all contribute to the flavorful experience. Don't forget to use the slang words for tasty below on your next food escapade. 

Slang Words for Tasty (in Alphabetical Order)

Blimp Out


  • (Verb) A street slang for getting fat.

  • Example: Nessa is starting to blimp out because of her Mom’s tasty cooking.

Choc a Bloc


  • (Noun) An Australian slang for being very full.
  • Example: I was hadn't been as choc-a-bloc in a long time as in last Friday's buffet dinner.

Comfort Food


  • (Noun) A certain food or dish one feats on down times.
  • Example: Pizza is a lot of people's comfort food.

Eat Like a Horse


  • (Verb) Like how horses chew on a lot of grass and hay, “to eat like a horse” is to eat tasty food in huge amounts.
  • Example: After being free of her diet, Jennie wants to eat like a horse for the day.



  • (Verb) A humorous and hyperbolic term for food that tastes so good one ends up licking the tips of their fingers to make the taste linger on their taste buds.
  • Example: That was one heck of a finger-licking pie. You should give me the recipe.



  • (Adjective) To have a burst of flavors from the dish tasted.
  • Example: This flavorsome beef wellington rivals that of Michelin-star restaurants.

Full of Bite


  • (Noun) To grab a big share out of a single bite of food.
  • Example: Rachel didn’t resent her full of bite of the risotto because it was unlike anything she has ever tasted.



  • (Adjective) Drawing on the image of salivating, having appetizing food induces this reaction.
  • Example: My grandmother is trying out those mouth-watering TV recipes for Christmas dinner.



  • (Adjective) A child-like way of speaking “yummy”. 
  • Example: Five-year old Felicia won’t be fooled to eating her vegetables even if her Mother called them absolute nummers.



  • (Adjective) A play on words for “snack” and “spectacular” put together.
  • Example: South Korea has a lot of snacktacular treats. Have you tried their sour milk and “gimbap”?

Sweet Tooth


  • (Noun) A person with a lot of affection for desserts and sweet confections.
  • Example: Jerry has such a sweet tooth that he can eat a whole cake for lunch.



  • (Adjective) Referring to food so captivating and tasty.
  • Example: Janine’s a picky eater but she remarked that my mother’s food is toothsome.



  • (Noun) Another Australian slang but is dated back to the mid-17th century. “Tuckers” means food that originally meant to be “tucked away” in one’s stomach.
  • Example: Mrs. Harris tasty tuckers energized everyone for the study session.

Wolf Food Down


  • (Verb) To eat tasty food hurriedly like how wolves ravage on their prey.
  • Example: Koko wolfs food down so he can play right away.



  • (Adjective) Another childlike term for tasty food.
  • Example: The chocolate chip cookies are an absolute yum-yum, aren’t they?

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