Slang Words For Teeth (And How To Use Them)

Your teeth are probably one of the most used parts of your body. Given that we eat daily, teeth are very important for proper digestion and breakdown of food. Additionally, our teeth are said to be an accessory for our perfect smile. Bad teeth means a bad smile.

Listed below are some slang words for teeth people use all over the world. You might be surprised with some of them. Smile as you read!

Slang Words for Teeth (In Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) False teeth are so white they are obviously fake. The slang word comes from a brand of gums that are similar in shape and whiteness.
  • Example: Oh man, your chiclets are blindingly white.



  • (Noun) A daily common slang for teeth, especially for children. Originates from the fact that teeth are used for chomping on food.
  • Example: Riley takes care of her chompers daily. She flosses and brushes diligently.



  • (Noun) An old slang word for false teeth or dentures. May be mistaken for a particular toy.
  • Example: Danny left his clackers in a glass of water on the sink. It's so gross.



  • (Noun) A whole set of dentures or artificial teeth. Comes from the clicking sound they make when biting.
  • Example: Grandma’s clickers look very real.



  • (Noun) Jewelry or bling placed on teeth. Usually gold or silver.
  • Example: Girl! Where did you get those gold fronts? They look legit!



  • (Noun) A common English slang used in the UK to refer to teeth, especially the false kind.
  • Example: Billy’s gnashers turned orange because of orange soda he had.

Goofies/Goofy Teeth


  • (Noun) A somewhat derogatory term for buck-teeth. It refers to the Disney character “Goofy” having buck teeth.
  • Example: Hey! It's not nice to make fun of someone just because they have goofies.



  • (Noun) Also known as “grilz.” Grill refers to decorative jewelry or covers applied to teeth. Expensive metals such as gold or silver are used.
  • Example:  Johnson looks stupid with his grill but he just likes to flex his parent’s money.



  • (Noun) This slang refers to the molars of a person which is primarily responsible for grinding.
  • Example: Grandpa no longer has his grinders. He can only eat soft and mushy food.

Hampstead Heath 


  • (Noun) A Cockney rhyming slang that comes from a particular place in England. It is a weird slang expression in the olden era that comes from Hounslow Heath
  • Example: Joe’s Hampstead Heath still looks great despite being almost 60. That’s what you get when you brush daily.



  • (Noun) A shortened version of Hampstead Heath used by the younger generation.
  • Example: Dude! My hamps are killing me but I don’t want to go to the dentist.



  • (Noun) A popular English and Aussie slang. It refers to dentures or false teeth. 
  • Example: You must be jealous of my ivories. My dentist is very expensive and uses a sophisticated machine to clean them. 

Pearly Whites


  • (Noun) A common expression or slang for white, clean, and good-sized teeth. 
  • Example:  You could be a model! You have a killer smile with matching pearly whites.



  • (Noun) A Southern expression for baby teeth or teeth that are small and cone-shaped.
  • Example: Lance has peggies that make him look like a shark.

Rabbit Teeth


  • (Noun) Generally means buck-teeth. Two upper front teeth are enlarged and pronounced similar to a bunny.
  • Example: Jim could have been a model if it weren’t for his rabbit teeth.



  • (Noun) A British slang for teeth. They are referred to as such because railings are structured similar to teeth.  
  • Example: John should get his railings fixed by the dentist. They don't look that healthy to me.



  • (Noun) Points to any crooked or irregular tooth. 
  • Example: It's okay for kids to have snags, they're just baby teeth anyway. 


We hope you had fun reading these slang words for teeth. As we always say, be careful about using them. Be mindful of the context and the situation. 

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