15+ Slang Words For The Best (And How To Use Them)

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With time, technology, and resources, everybody is competing to be the best in their fields. This hustle and bustle to reach and actually be on top is celebrated by society with a variety of words for the occasion. Here they are. Enjoy reading!

Slang Words for The Best (in Alphabetical Order)

5 Stars


  • (Expression) Grade or review given by clients for a product or service that can be viewed by other customers.

  • Example: This restaurant has an average review of 5 stars. It must be great.



  • (Noun) An Australian slang for being outstanding in performance or extremely nice and trustworthy.

  • Example: Mark is beaut. He patiently listens to your problems and asks whether you need a solution or just a person who could get you.

Cat's Pajamas


  • (Noun) Something that displays exceptionality. This was first introduced in the 20s when animated animals were starting to be in vogue.

  • Example: The cat’s pajamas are whatever latest version of iPhone Apple decides to release.

Crème de la Crème


  • (Expression) A French expression that has found its way to mainstream English language, crème de la crème is to be the best among the rest.

  • Example: The graduating air force is the crème de la crème of all the applicants.



  • (Verb) A millennial slang for proudly displaying one’s achievements.

  • Example: He worked so hard without posting anything on social media. Now, his movie is flexing his creative determination in directing.



  • (Noun) A GenZ slang that stands for “Greatest Of All Time”.

  • Example: Michael Jordan is the GOAT. I will fight whoever challenges it.

Good as Gold


  • (Expression) In the best condition 

  • Example: All the high-end makeup arrived as good as gold.

Jet Set


  • (Adjective) A highly extravagant lifestyle for the people who can afford jets or private planes.

  • Example: Kim Kardashian’s jet set closet is finally revealed to the world.



  • (Adjective) Another modern slang expressing great recognition.

  • Example: This car is lit! It has the most state-of-the-art design.

Major League


  • (Noun) In football, to be in the major league is to be among the star teams of football. In context, being in major league is to enter a very exclusive group renowned for success or affluence. 
  • Example: Getting into NYU is major league. What do you plan to study there?



  • (Noun) From basketball slang, this stands for the “Most Valuable Player” or the best player within the team who usually leads them to victory.
  • Example: Their culinary team won the challenge and their MVP is the leader who did not give up on them.

Next Level


  • (Noun) An expression that implies that one has progressed to the next level while the rest are still on the same playing field.
  • Example: Japan’s next level technology allows them to have stores that don’t have human cashiers.

On Fleek


  • (Adjective) GenZ have a lot of terms that describe perfection. Among them is the conversational “on fleek”.
  • Example: Kylie’s eyebrows are on fleek as always. 

Sunday's Best


  • (Expression) To wear the best clothes on Sunday or church day.
  • Example: The twins Leia and Luke always wear their Sunday’s best as they were also expected to perform a music number on Sundays.

Top Tier


  • (Noun) The topmost organizational position and corner office location used to conversationally call someone who has high calibre achievements.
  • Example: John Green’s latest book has top tier storytelling that it’s no wonder why it’s a New York Times bestseller.

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