15+ Slang Words For Uncircumcised (And How To Use Them)

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It's your call to be circumcised or not as different cultures and religions differ when it comes to whether or not it's necessary. To be uncircumcised is to retain a male's foreskin: not having it cut and stitched up. Whether it's for you or for others, watch out for the following expressions for uncircumcised.

Slang Words for Uncircumcised (in Alphabetical Order)

Blind Meat


  • (Expression) With “meat” being a slang for the male organ, a “blind meat” is a male organ that still has the blinding foreskin.
  • Example: Carver is thinking if he should get a procedure for his blindmeat despite being 15 years old.

Canadian Bacon


  • (Noun) Because the literal Canadian bacon is too thick to be considered as bacon for the American population, the latter cleverly use it to refer to the thickness of uncircumcised male organs.
  • Example: Damian prefers thick undergarments for his Canadian bacon.



  • (Noun) Because historical cavaliers or royalists were also known to be as “roundheads”, a cavalier is a British way of referring to  an uncircumcised guy.
  • Example: Randy’s friends did not know that he was a cavalier.

Change Purse


  • (Noun) An American slang for calling out an uncircumcised person by referring to a medieval purse which is basically a thick cloth tightened at the edge by a single string.
  • Example: Put some pants on before answering the door, you wouldn't want whoever is calling to see your change purse.

Chicken Neck


  • (Noun) A gay slang for a short and uncircumcised male organ.
  • Example: The leaked picture of Brody’s chicken neck was the laughing stock of the neighborhood’s community board.

Goy Toy


  • (Noun) Another gay slang for an uncircumcised male organ of Hebrew origins.
  • Example: Goy toys require a more delicate cleaning than circumcised penises.

Hooded Warrior


  • (Noun) An expression translating a covered or hooded male organ with foreskin.
  • Example: Enzo’s hooded warrior doesn’t want to be alone tonight so he texted his girlfriend to come over. 

Hungarian Sausage


  • (Noun) A dish used as an imagery for the uncircumcised male part. 
  • Example: Dorm school boys like to compare the sizes of their similarly-lengthed Hungarian sausages.



  • (Noun) The nickname given to foreskins.
  • Example: A guy’s kenny is hypersensitive.



  • (Noun) Because the head of the male organ is covered by the foreskin, one has to be near to see it. The use of this term dates back in the 20s in the US. 
  • Example: Your nearsighted kenny has to be checked once a year.

Unclipped Horn


  • (Noun) Another slang for the uncircumcised male organ.
  • Example: Always make sure that you wear clean underwear for your unclipped horn since you are more prone to infections.



  • (Adjective) A common slang that means never having been through medical circumcision.
  • Example: Rumor has it that Jack is uncut and that is fine with all his female fans.

Wear It Up In Pins


  • (Verb) An adult slang for the state of uncircumcision.
  • Example: Luca’s lying when he says he’s wearing it up in pins. My uncle did his operation.



  • (Noun) Along with blind, wink is another code for a male uncircumcised organ’s foreskin covering that blocks its “sight”.
  • Example: His wink was undone in his twenties.

Wizard's Hat


  • (Noun) A street slang making use of the image of a wizard’s hat to point out the wizard’s hat. 
  • Example: After shaving his pubes, Owen saw again his wizard’s hat after a long time.

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