15+ Slang Words For Uncle (And How To Use Them)

He's your mom or dad's brother or very close friend. Uncles may be the shadowy figures you only hear on dinner tables or the ones who give you presents during the holidays. Give them a shout out with the list of words related to uncle below.

Slang Words for Uncle (in Alphabetical Order)

Be a Monkey's Uncle


  • (Expression) An expression of shock and amazement at the same time for something that is so unlikely to happen.

  • Example: 

Person 1: I heard that you won the lottery. Congratulations!

Person 2: Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle. I actually missed just one number.

Bob's Your Uncle


  • (Expression) A British slang used to conclude everything that was stated matter-of-factly.

  • Example: Here’s a rom-com formula: boy meets girl, girl leaves boy, boy and girl get back together again, and Bob’s your uncle.



  • (Noun) A play on words for “drunk” and “uncle” or a drunk uncle. 

  • Example: Ken’s drunkle can’t drive tonight so he has to give up his bed space for him.

Dutch Uncle 


  • (Noun) An endearing yet assertive person.

  • Example: I don’t care if I sound like a Dutch uncle but you know the family won’t accept Peter that easily. He has different values than us.

East End Uncle


  • (Noun) An old British slang that originated how uncles became known as pawnbrokers.

  • Example: Your great grandfather bought this sword from an East End Uncle from the 70s.

Everybody and their Uncle


  • (Expression) A humorous hyperbole on large numbers of people.

  • Example: Everybody and their uncle will be attending the ski trip so why can’t I go?



  • (Noun) A pun for “fun” and “uncle” put together.

  • Example: Christina likes Christmas because Uncle Jack is a funcle who gives the best presents.



  • (Noun) A gender neutral word for a sibling of your parents.

  • Example: My parents made a bet with me whether or not I could guess Alex is male or female. They gave me a single hint that s/he is a pibling. That’s not much to go on.

Say 'Uncle'


  • (Expression) An American slang that asks someone to admit defeat.
  • Example: 

Person 1: I have your arms completely locked. Say uncle now!

Person 2: Never! I can still get over your tackle.



  • (Noun) A Spanish word for “Uncle”.
  • Example: Carlos's tío taught him how to fish.

Uncle Ben


  • (Noun) A British rhyming slang for ten.
  • Example: Chloe has Uncle Ben marbles more than Carter does.

Uncle Fred


  • (Noun) Another British slang used in place of bread.
  • Example: Can we have black tea and some sweet Uncle Freds?

Uncle Ned


  • (Noun) A slang from Britain for bed or for going to bed.
  • Example: Son, it’s way past your bedtime. You should go to Uncle Ned now.

Uncle Point


  • (Noun) A finance slang for the moment a trader gives up on the trade as he can’t earn any more than he can lose.
  • Example: By 3 PM, Lee reached his uncle point on the trading board. He just can’t afford the offered stock price.

Uncle Sam


  • (Noun) An expression for the United States of America with colonial undertones.
  • Example: If it weren’t for Uncle Sam, the country would not have relied on foreign aid but would find ways to stand on its own.

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