15+ Slang Words For Uncool (And How To Use Them)

Being cool is overrated. It's just all about being able to satisfy a whole set of standards that the society imposes. At the end of the day, what's cool is when we are comfortable in our skin. Here's a list of words that have come to mean uncool. Enjoy reading.

Slang Words for Uncool (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Adjective) A person or situation that induces boredom.
  • Example: This party is such a bore. The cool kids did not show up and the food was bad.



  • (Adjective) A person or group that is lower in standing and ability than the rest. This was derived from small town baseball teams who were not given much thought of. 
  • Example: I need to get out of this town before the end of the day. I won't be spending the night at some bush-league hotel.



  • (Adjective) A person or statement that makes one embarrassed. 
  • Example: Confessions of love in rom-coms are so corny that they make me want to gag. 



  • (Adjective) Disappointing/boring; gets in the way of enjoyment.
  • Example: We had great plans for Friday night but that 6 o'clock lecture was such a drag.



  • (Adjective) A slang term for a person with not much wits.
  • Example: Jenna’s a frube for not realizing that Jordan only wants her for her money.



  • (Adjective) A British slang for being distressed by a person or situation.
  • Example: Missy is gutted by how her uncool mom won’t let her go to the sleepover party.

Just Not Cricket/Not Cricket


  • (Idiom) A British expression for an unreasonable event based on an Englishman’s book about England’s well-loved sport, cricket.
  • Example: He got the job because his mom is with HR. It's not cricket.



  • (Adjective) An expression said for anything that could have been done better.
  • Example: Blandly asking a girl for prom is lame. Do a promposal!



  • (Noun) A person with a serious streak of unfortunate events that have been closely associated with their identity.
  • Example: Zac’s presentation to the Board was overlooked plus his girlfriend broke up with him. He feels like a total loser.



  • (Expression) A vulgar internet acronym that stands for “Nobody Gives A Fuck” or that nobody cares about what you do or who you are.
  • Example: 

Person 1: Danny was not promoted to senior manager. Alex was. 

Person 2: NGAF. Danny’s work does not affect mine plus he’s my ex, remember?

No Chill


  • (Expression) A modern slang for losing one’s self-control.
  • Example: Because Clark was no chill in accepting his defeat in basketball, his team was suspended for the next game.

Okay Boomer


  • (Expression) A millennial slang replied to someone with a primitive mindset, usually the previous generation or boomer generation. 
  • Example: 

Person 1: You young kids should be out there talking eye to eye with each other and not just through your phones.

Person 2: Okay boomer. Your generation did not have phones for sure.

Old Hat 


  • (Noun) A person with old ways of thinking and old-fashioned in practice. 
  • Example: The company is so stuck with its last year’s key performance indicators that the old hat can’t be flexible to present needs.



  • (Noun) A British slang for someone who is unbearably stupid. It was originally used to refer to one’s butt in the 16th century.
  • Example: The intern was a prat for delivering the wrong presentation after a week of preparation.



  • (Adjective) Too old fashioned to be interesting.
  • Example: The stodgy racing game just repeats the race track over and over again. No wonder it’s uncool these days.

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