15+ Slang Words For Unique (And How To Use Them)

When you can't call a thing out for its rarity and the moment passes, that moment will continue to haunt you. Beat it with the use of the gathered terms for unique just for you.

Slang Words for Unique (in Alphabetical Order)

Ad Hoc


  • (Adjective) A Latin phrase that describes a thing or situation done based on urgency or necessity.

  • Example: An ad hoc panel of judges was generated since the contest was announced without prior notice.

Against the Grain


  • (Expression) To counter popular belief, stereotypes, and inclinations.

  • Example: They’re a couple who goes against the grain: she’s Korean and he’s African American. That’s unique.



  • (Adjective) To be different from the rest and not represent the majority.

  • Example: It’s not atypical for an Asian not to be good at math. But Asians can be good at all sorts of things other than math.

Blue Diamond


  • (Noun) A person, thing, or event so rare it can be likened to how rare a blue diamond is, too. 

  • Example: This $10M offer for your garden is a pretty blue diamond kind of a deal. If I were you, I’d take it.

Blue Plate Special


  • (Noun) A Canadian and American dining slang for budget friendly meals that change daily.

  • Example: Catching that big of a fish is like spotting your favorite meal on a blue plate special. That’s so rare.

Dying Breed


  • (Noun) A declining number of species making them unique.

  • Example: Honest government officials are a dying breed; you can only find them in Canada.

Few and Far Between


  • (Expression) An expression for things or events that happen so rarely.

  • Example: Desirable job opportunities are few and far between during the COVID19 pandemic. 



  • (Adjective) A millennial catch phrase that stands for “Greatest of All Time”.

  • Example: Michael Jordan is definitely the GOAT. No one will be the same as him ever.

Like No Other


  • (Expression) This implies that a thing or event is so unique nothing else can be compared to it.

  • Example: The New Year’s ball is a party like no other. There’s great food, music, and celebrities.



  • (Adjective) Of French origin and similar to “like no other”, nonpareil pictures a person, thing, or event that nothing can come close or paralleled with.

  • Example: Stradivarius violins are nonpareil in production and quality.

Odd Duck


  • (Noun) An idiom for uniqueness with a negative connotation.
  • Example: That dancer is such an odd duck. He misses the beat and often looks at other dancers for the routine. 

Once in a Lifetime


  • (Expression) Instances that don’t happen very often and may happen only once in one’s lifetime.
  • Example: Meeting Leonardo DiCaprio is a once in a lifetime opportunity for an ordinary person like me.

One of a Kind


  • (Expression) A compliment for one’s unique assets, features, or talents. 
  • Example: The car’s safety features balanced with stylistic features are one of a kind.

Rare as the Hen’s Teeth


  • (Idiom) A phrase told for something so rare that it is borderline non-existent as chickens don’t have teeth.
  • Example: Having twins when neither of the couple had twin relatives was rare as the hen’s teeth.

Sui Generis


  • (Expression) A Latin phrase that translates to “of its own kind”. Sui generis is an expression that promotes a brand of uniqueness of its own.
  • Example: Sheldon Cooper from the series “Big Bang Theory” has a sui generis personality. There’s just no telling what his brain will do next.

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