15+ Slang Words For Urine (And How To Use Them)

Through urine, your body can let out bodily fluids and toxins. It's your body's natural defense. Don't hold it; just let it go. Read the list below for hipper, cooler slang words for urine.

Slang Words for Urine (in Alphabetical Order)

Back Teeth are Floating


  • (Expression) The urge to pee is so strong as if the fluid has risen to the back of one’s teeth.
  • Example: While in the queue for the bathroom, Steffi let the next girl go first than her because even she can feel the girl’s back teeth are floating.

Drain the Dragon


  • (Verb) A street slang for a man urinating. 
  • Example: Cameron asked me to stop the car because he needed to drain the dragon.



  • (Verb) To urinate with a lot of sound and force.
  • Example: The public men's room is always disgusting. I hate being around men flat-rocking.

Gnat's Piss


  • (Noun) A drink that has no taste which is not even worth drinking.
  • Example: When Cheryl went to the party, she did not expect to be served with gnat’s piss like iced tea. She wanted liquor.

Golden Shower


  • (Verb) The fetish of urinating on someone while pleasured sexually.
  • Example: The gorgeous escort prepared herself as the client requested to golden shower with her.

Having a Slash


  • (Verb) A slang expression for urinating.
  • Example: Mike has such good luck. He was having a slash when the teacher called his name for oral participation.

Number One


  • (Expression) A conversational code for urinating. Number two is for defecating.
  • Example: 

Person 1: I’ll go ahead and use the bathroom. 

Person 2: Can I use it first? I’ll just do number one and I’ll be quick.



  • (Verb) A less formal way to say urinating.
  • Example: JB’s cats need some potty training because they just piss anywhere.

Piss Off 


  • (Verb) To provoke someone to anger.
  • Example: Katie and Minnie piss me off because they just use my clothes without asking permission.

Pot to Piss In


  • (Noun) An expression that pictures poverty at its most extreme form.
  • Example: Being a widow, Aunt Joan has to work hard night and day to have a pot to piss in.

Spend a Penny


  • (Verb) A British expression for urinating. This dated back to the 1800s when United Kingdom’s first public toilets required a penny for use.
  • Example: Bonnie’s mom taught her to spend a penny before leaving the house so that she won’t have to go while on the road.

Split the Whiskers


  • (Verb) An expression reserved for ladies while urinating. Whiskers are said to be the pubic hair that parts during the act.
  • Example: It was her first time to split her whiskers while in a friend’s house.

Take a Leak


  • (Noun) Another conversational way to say urinating that dates back to a song from the 1900s popularized as an expression during World War I.
  • Example: Leonard is taking a leak more often because he’s nervous about his PhD presentation.



  • (Verb) While being a verb, tinkle emphasizes more on the unmistakable distinct sound of urination.
  • Example: Don’t tell Mom Brad tinkled in the backyard. I tried to clean it as much as I could.

Wee Wee


  • (Verb) Another expression with reference to urination’s sound, this is typically used among children.
  • Example: The kindergarten teacher asked the class if anyone wanted to wee wee before they entered the zoo.

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