15+ Slang Words For Vaccines (And How To Use Them)

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Vaccines have wiped out diseases we thought would be the end of us such as small pox and polio. With more and more being developed everyday, the following slang terms may prove handy.

Slang Words for Vaccines (in Alphabetical Order)

Active Immunity


  • (Noun) A state of active body defense after vaccination.
  • Example: Despite having active immunity, people should not disregard health protocols against COVID19.

Breakthrough Infection


  • (Noun) Being infected with the ailment after having been vaccinated for it.
  • Example: Breakthrough infections are politically used by anti-vaccine protesters instead of being reported for advanced health research.

Clean Bill of Health


  • (Noun) Sense of refreshed/renewed health after a medical procedure or a vaccination.
  • Example:  After the babies were injected with their smallpox vaccine, they were issued a clean bill of health.



  • (Noun) A person who is deeply opposed to vaccination.
  • Example: The denier kept spreading fake news over social media about mass distribution of vaccine.



  • (Noun) Vaccines described to be given with regular measurements and schedules.
  • Example: The baby is due his next polio vaccine dose next month.



  • (Noun) A medical slang for how effective a vaccine is.
  • Example: If the efficacy rate is too low from the medical trials, the vaccine will not be released to the public.

Herd Immunity


  • (Noun) A medical slang for having a majority of vaccinated people over a minority of unvaccinated people.
  • Example: New Zealand reached herd immunity against the disease ahead of the rest of the world.



  • (Noun) The British slang for vaccine easily adopted among the American population.
  • Example: People who got their jab on the first hour reported to their jobs earlier.

Live Vaccine


  • (Noun) A vaccine with live and active components.
  • Example: The live vaccine had to be secured, transported, and administered immediately.



  • (Noun) Another term for vaccine that refers to the contact between the skin and the needle.
  • Example: The pop was short but painful.

Routine Immunization


  • (Noun) Vaccines rolled out as scheduled regularly.
  • Example: Routine immunization helps doctors and clients balance their schedules.



  • (Noun) A slang for vaccination in reference to how the vaccine is administered.
  • Example: I looked away when the nurse gave me my shot. I’m just afraid of needles.

Vaccine Confidence


  • (Noun) The level of confidence people have for the effectiveness of vaccines.
  • Example: Vaccine confidence is fluctuating for COVID19 vaccines since there were different side effects and breakthrough infections.

Vaccine Freedom


  • (Noun) The freedom to decide for oneself whether or not to be vaccinated.
  • Example: Henry values his vaccine freedom by getting vaccinated with all the available vaccines for him.



  • (Noun) A shortened term for “vaccinated” that is used among media portals.
  • Example: More and more people are wanting to be vaxxed against COVID19 in 2021.

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