15+ Slang Words For Vibe (And How To Use Them)

Vibe is the overall energy or atmosphere from a person, place, or period. You would describe someone or something as either good vibes or bad vibes. Vibes may be easily described but hard to pinpoint. 

We have gathered the following slang words for vibe and sample sentences using them.

Slang Words for Vibe (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) A particular atmosphere surrounding a person used in modern slang for celebrities and popular personalities.
  • Example: Jennie has that irresistible charismatic aura.



  • (Noun) A martial arts slang for inner life energy translated for martial arts execution.
  • Example: Master Zu’s chi seems off since he has been sloppy since this morning.

Fair Dinkum 


  • (Idiom) An Australian slang for being truthfully genuine or excellent.
  • Example: Rose’s fair dinkum vibes were put to the test when she was asked an uncomfortable question about being a woman competing in a male-dominated industry.

Fashion Vibe 


  • (Noun) The appeal or theme showcased by one’s outfit.
  • Example: With her tassel dress, woven fiber hat, and knitted pouch, Lisa is going after the boho chic fashion vibe.



  • (Noun) A street slang generally for how one’s atmosphere is perceived by others.
  • Example: I don’t know if Cara intentionally rolled her eyes at me or not, but I was getting some shady feels.

Good Vibes Only 


  • (Expression) This is a millennial expression that opens oneself to focus only on the brighter side of things. Sometimes, this can be linked to toxic positivity. 
  • Example: Don’t invite Goth Cindy to the party: good vibes only.

Hang of It 


  • (Idiom) The way one does things.
  • Example: When Kate was a newbie, her teammates guided her to the company protocols till she got the hang of it. She was vibing with the work and her teammates in no time. 



  • (Adjective) A conversational slang for something inconvenient or repulsive which is typically paired off with vibes.
  • Example: The new student sensed iffy vibes from the school’s Queen Bee since she makes everyone feel bad about themselves.



  • (Noun) An internet slang for the overall ambience of a person or event.
  • Example: Veronica is a whole mood: she can be feisty against her enemies and loving to her friends at the same time.

No Bad Vibes


  • (Expression) Similar to “good vibes only”, no bad vibes is a millennial slang quote that refuses to take in negativity.
  • Example: The cousins made a pact with each other that they would not date each other’s exes. They want no bad vibes with each other.

Trust Vibes


  • (Verb) The ability to trust someone based on vibes or energies shown.
  • Example: Zena’s trust vibes are high to friends of friends since she only keeps a small, trusted circle.



  • (Verb) A British slang for relaxing and cultivating one’s vibes without doing anything
  • Example: Ashley realized that her and Jessica’s vibes aligned when they were vegging out at the Korean sauna. They had the same interests.

Vibe Out 


  • (Verb) To enjoy music.
  • Example: Penny is vibing out at a rock band’s concert. She was definitely singing along with them.

Vibin' and Thrivin'


  • (Verb) A millennial slang expression that means to be happy while growing.
  • Example: Jake is vibin’and thrivin’ in college. He keeps saying it's the best stage in his life.



  • (Noun) Vibes is shortened from vibration. Vibrations are wavelengths people claim that they can read or sense.
  • Example: Annabelle sensed unstable vibrations from the haunted house.

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