15+ Slang Words For Weird (And How To Use Them)

The definition of weirdness has progressed along with the world. You can be good weird, cute weird, rude weird, or just weird. While the rest of the world is moving on with more diversity, there are still some who, for one reason or another, are considered weird. Here are some slang words and how to use them.

Slang Words for Weird (in Alphabetical Order)

A Loose Screw


  • (Idiom) Inspired by machines that become dysfunctional when a screw is lost or broken, to have a screw loose means to be someone who does things strangely than everyone else. 
  • Example: 

Person 1: Why don’t you eat the ordered food?

Person 2: I’m not hungry now. 

Person 1: Man you’ve got a screw loose.

Away With the Fairies


  • (Idiom) Noticeably distracted.
  • Example: Tina has been away with the fairies. I asked her for juice but she gave me water instead. 



  • (Adjective) A British slang for anything weird.
  • Example: Mr. Bean got his head inserted in a Christmas turkey. That’s barmy.



  • (Adjective) An Australian slang for an odd person which started in the 80s for a person without a sense of style or sophistication.
  • Example: What a bogan. He could have used a chainsaw but instead he’s hacking the tree with an ax.



  • (Expression) Another British slang for being silly.
  • Example: Following your ex-boyfriend all the way to his new girlfriend’s house is totally bonkers.

Cat in a Strange Garret


  • (Expression) A US slang translating one’s uncertainty as weirdness.
  • Example: Because Bernadette came from a Catholic school, she could never get to the public school kids’ profane language. She looked like a cat in a strange garret in her new school.



  • (Noun) A degrading term for someone who is different from the others.
  • Example: Kyle was often called a freak for the scars on his face.

Go Apeshit


  • (Verb) A vulgar Australian slang for going crazy.
  • Example: People can go apeshit if they stay at home all the time without talking to anyone.



  • (Adjective) Called to someone who is endearingly strange.
  • Example: My cousin is a kooky mortician who prepares dead bodies for funerals while listening to rap music.

Odd Duck


  • (Idiom) Someone who is peculiar in their actions and interests
  • Example: Child geniuses are usually odd ducks. They find it hard to relate to kids their age.



  • (Adjective)The Brit’s way for an unappealing fashion sense that stands out.
  • Example: Bonnie came in a glaring yellow coat, green boots, and furry headband. The whole thing was a rig-out.

Rum Go


  • (Adjective) A British slang for an odd event or experience.
  • Example: Stefan confessed his love to Elena but kissed Katherine after. The entire thing was a rum go.

Strange Bedfellows


  • (Noun) Unexpected partnerships made for similar causes.
  • Example: Vloggers, Gamers, ASMRtists, scholars, and toy players make strange bedfellows in VidCon: an annual gathering of YouTube content creators.



  • (Adjective) Weirdness with supernatural undertones. 
  • Example: The doll is so uncanny. I think it’s moving closer to me.

Weird Out


  • (Verb) To get a creepy sensation.
  • Example: The old man’s stares weirded me out that I had to get out of the bus.

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