15+ Slang Words For Woman (And Other Related Slang)

Women have played very important roles in human history. Gone are the days when they were relegated to domestic endeavors. Today, there are women in every field.

We have compiled a list of slang words related to women. Please take caution as some of them might have  double meaning, could potentially have some weird origin, or inappropriate in some circumstances. Enjoy reading!

Slang Words for Woman (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) A physically strong and imposing lady. Sometimes used as derogatory slang but is usually meant to be a compliment. 
  • Example: The winner of the Olympic Weightlifting event was an Amazon. I wish I had muscles like hers.



  • (Noun) A common term of endearment for a lady you love or find attractive. Be careful as it might seem creepy to some. 
  • Example: Babe! Wanna get some cheese pizza and stay in tonight?

Bad Bitch


  • (Noun) This modern slang refers to women who are confident, strong, independent, and exhibit a fierce personality.
  • Example: I think that Bella Poarch is a bad bitch. I like her style, confidence, and attitude towards her haters. 



  • (Noun) Becky is a satirical and stereotypical slang for a white woman. Considered to be rude by some, Becky describes a white woman of privilege who is young and ignorant.
  • Example:  Don’t be a Becky! The server is doing her best so quit whining. 



  • (Noun) An older Italian slang for “beautiful lady.” It comes from a flower that is used as a medicine that enhances the eyes but has dangerous side effects. 
  • Example: Maria was a belladonna, as agreed upon by everyone. She was already engaged but her heart belonged to someone else. 



  • (Noun) A slang word referring to a lady who is attractive and high-maintenance. Benjamin is the $100 bill.
  • Example: You think you can just easily ask her out? She's a Benjamin.



  • (Noun) A physically attractive or good-looking woman. Popular in the 1980s. 
  • Example: Your mom was a Betty. She had the prettiest smile I had ever seen. 



  • (Noun) A British slang for a young girl or lady, especially one's girlfriend.
  • Example: He broke the hearts of too many birds when he moved to the US to marry his American girlfriend.



  • (Noun) A seductive woman who is also older or is middle-aged. 
  • Example: Chandler Bing’s mom in the show was a beautiful cougar that had relations with his friend.



  • (Noun) A woman of high class or wealth. 
  • Example: That dance club is a place where dowagers gather to dance their days away.

Ice Queen


  • (Noun) A cold and unforgiving lady.
  • Example: Rachel, from Home Economics, was an ice queen. She wanted perfection in her studies and demanded everyone not interfere. 



  • (Noun) Another derogatory slang for white women who are ignorant, blinded by their privilege, and obnoxious. However, unlike Becky, Karen is used for middle-aged ladies. 
  • Example: There are plenty of Karen videos trending on YouTube. So behave yourself in public if you don't want to be one of them.

Gooseberry Puddin'


  • (Noun) The Cockney Rhyming slang for woman. 
  • Example: My daughter is finally a gooseberry puddin’. I can’t believe how fast time flies by.

Queen Bee


  • (Noun) A strong and dominant woman, not necessarily in a group.
  • Example: Tracy is such a queen bee. She can do everything and does not let any man tell her otherwise.



  • (Noun) An archaic slang for young women who like to flirt around and socialize. It is very offensive and rude. Don't use this. 
  • Example: Don’t call me a skirt! I can meet and be friends with anyone I like.

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