15+ Slang Words For Work (And Other Related Words)

Whether you like it or not, one must work to survive in this world. You need to hustle and show your mettle. Working takes effort, time, and determination. 

Did you know that there are some surprising and varying slang words for work? We compiled them into this article for you to read. Enjoy reading!

Slang Words for Work (in Alphabetical Order)

110 Percent


  • (Noun) It is a slang for giving your best effort at work or working at your maximum capabilities.
  • Example: Johnny has been giving it his 110 percent but his projects are unsuccessful because of his unsupportive boss.

9 to 5


  • (Noun) A regular, normal, routine job, often considered to be boring or unfulfilling. 
  • Example: Amy had to quit school and get a 9 to 5 because her mom got sick. 

Back To The Drawing Board


  • (Verb) This phrase means to start from “square one” or start again at the beginning because the current work leads to a dead end.  
  • Example: The automation project managers had to go back to the drawing board because of major glitches in the system.

Bang-Up Job


  • (Noun) An excellent work or amazing job. 
  • Example: Jennifer did a bang-up job with that account. She deserves a promotion. 



  • (Noun) Work that involves hard and manual labor.
  • Example: My dad is a proud blue-collar worker. He sweats a lot but he earns honest money.

Bumped Up


  • (Verb) Getting moved to a higher position at work. A promotion. 
  • Example: Randy got bumped up so he is getting his own office.

Bust One's Butt


  • (Verb) to work hard to the point of exhaustion. 
  • Example: I have been busting my butt even before sunrise The workload is just too much.

Getting Axed


  • (Verb) Getting removed or fired. 
  • Example: For destroying some company property, he got axed immediately.



  • (Noun) A slang term for work, job, or event. 
  • Example: I got a freelance gig every Tuesday assisting the elderly at the local nursing home.



  • (Verb) To work in an unforgiving and difficult situation.
  • Example: My grandfather used to grub at the mine. It was dangerous but he couldn't find any other work.

Nose On The Grindstone


  • (Expression) This slang means hard work or labor.  
  • Example: Becky wanted a more manageable workload so she put her nose on the grindstone to get a promotion.

Pink Slip


  • (Noun) An official documentation of dismissal at work. It has become synonymous with getting fired from a job. 
  • Example: Ralph got handed the pink slip yesterday because he went out of his way to save his colleague. I still think he shouldn’t have been fired.

Plug Through


  • (Verb) To come out of and produce favorable results from a difficult situation.
  • Example: Sammy always plugs through everything. That is why she is the boss.

To Pull An All-Nighter


  • (Verb) This slang phrase means sacrificing sleep and forcing one to do extra work at night.  
  • Example: Trent and I were pulling an all-nighter when the burglar suddenly entered. 

White Collar


  • (Noun) The counterpart of “blue-collar.” This means tasks or work that are usually done in the office. 
  • Example: I am pretty content with this white collar job. It pays well and it allows me to enjoy my hobbies in my free time. 

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